King Charles III’s teeth steal the show in his new appearance

King Charles III’s teeth steal the show in his new appearance
King Charles III’s teeth steal the show in his new appearance

King Charles III exudes smiles in public appearance after revealing his fight against cancer and the shape of his teeth draw attention

King Charles III made a rare appearance in public last Sunday, the 31st, after announcing that he was undergoing cancer treatment. He and his wife, Queen Camilla, attended Easter mass at Windsor Castle, England, and greeted the people around the chapel. Although, One detail stole the show: his smile with crooked teeth.

The monarch appeared smiling happily in some photos and showed his teeth. As a result, royal fans were surprised when they realized that the king has crooked and yellowed teeth.

On social media, several internet users commented on the detail in his smile. “Dentists are practically non-existent for them here, regardless of social class, they don’t care about teeth”, said one internet user. “With so much money and all your teeth are crooked. Only Brazil values ​​oral health,” stated another. “How can a king have teeth like that… Poor commoners, it’s understandable, right?”, declared another. “Dentist is expensive in London”, commented another.

Currently, King Charles III is undergoing cancer treatment. He did not reveal the type of tumor, but said he discovered it when he was admitted to hospital in January this year.

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King Charles III’s ‘sausage’ fingers

King Charles III It has also become a topic on the web because of its ‘sausage’ fingers. This time, internet users questioned the reason for the swelling in the monarch’s fingers, who already appeared with plump and red fingers in some photos.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, doctors gave a possible reason for the swelling in his fingers. A British doctor said that swelling can be caused by fluid retention in the body or also due to old age. “Edema is a condition in which the body begins to retain fluid in the limbs, usually in the legs and ankles, but also in the fingers, which causes them to swell.,” said Dr. Gareth Nye. He also reported that older people may experience swelling when they sit for a long time or on hotter days, as could be the case with King Charles III, who had swollen fingers after long trips to hot places.

Additionally, swelling in the fingers can be caused by arthritis. “Fingers often become stiff, painful and swollen, although medication can help with pain, swelling may remain”, informed the doctor, who also said that other causes could be diets high in salt or medications.

It’s worth remembering that King Charles III has been appearing with swollen fingers for a few years now. On one occasion, he even joked that he would have ‘sausage fingers’.

King Charles III appeared with swollen fingers – Photo: Getty Images

Did you know? King Charles gets unusual treatment

King Charles III has an unusual custom in his routine. According to the book My Mother and I, by royal biographer Ingrid Seward, the monarch sleeps in an oxygen tent to combat an illness that has been with him for a long time.

He has this habit because of sinus problems. “He has no sympathy for trivial illnesses and faces his own sinus problems by sleeping in an oxygen tent. Fatigue or oversleeping are not acceptable excuses for missing a work appointment, and he never stays in bed on a Sunday morning, even if he isn’t feeling well.“, she said.

So, the king uses the oxygen tent. This technology is usually used in patients with respiratory problems or to humidify oxygen. The tent, in fact, is an acrylic box, in which the person places their head and neck. Inside, the person receives a greater concentration of oxygen, but is also more sensitive to infection due to the humidity in the area.

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