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Artists from various sectors will be able to register on the City Hall website until April 13th

Registration is now open for the Public Call for the Paulo Gustavo Law, in Quatro Barras. Until April 13th, artists from various areas and segments, with proven performance in the municipality of Quatro Barras, will be able to register their projects. There are, in total, two calls: one specific to the audiovisual sector and another for other areas – such as music, visual arts, crafts, heritage, literature and body expression (including theater, dance and circus).

The complete notices can be consulted on the website: www.quatrobarras.pr.gov.br, in the main menu “City Hall”, “Culture”, “Lei Paulo Gustavo”. It is important that the cultural agent reads the notice in full and checks the rules and participation criteria.

RESOURCES – The notices will be carried out with resources from the Federal Government, transferred through Complementary Law No. 195/2022 – Paulo Gustavo Law, created to enable direct investments in the cultural sector, severely affected during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first notice, aimed at the audiovisual area, totals investments of R$ 179,860.76, and the second, aimed at other areas, totals an amount of R$ 66,950.00.

The conditions for the execution of the Paulo Gustavo Law and the preparation of the notices were made possible through the engagement of society, with the coordination of the Municipal Department of Culture and Tourism.

In this broad participatory process, measures of democratization, deconcentration, decentralization and regionalization of cultural investment were ensured.

“We are working to ensure that the law is executed in the most correct, transparent and inclusive way possible. Our proposal, as secretariat, is that these investments cover multiple areas, in order to support local cultural projects”, emphasized the Secretary of Culture and Tourism of Quatro Barras, Adriana Hendyk Mocelin.

Access the link and find out more: https://quatrobarras.pr.gov.br/pagina/2595_Lei-Paulo-Gustavo.html

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