Patos de Minas will adopt scale for Pfizer Bivalente


The measure was adopted due to the low stock of the vaccine.

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COVID-19 – With the aim of optimizing the use of doses of the Pfizer Bivalent vaccine in stock, the Municipal Health Department of Patos de Minas defined a vaccination scale for priority groups. The change comes into effect from this Wednesday, April 3rd, and will follow the following weekly schedule:

Day of the week Neighborhoods
Monday Nova Floresta, Lagoa Grande, Alvorada, Ipanema
Tuesday Gramado, Sorriso, Jd. Paradise, Alto da Colina
Wednesday Itamarati, Alto Limoeiro, Jd. Paulistano, Várzea
Thursday Brazil, Father Eustaquio, Christ the Redeemer, Jd. Panoramic, New Horizon
Friday Sebastião Amorim, Jd. Esperança, Abner Afonso, Guanabara

According to the Ministry of Health, a booster dose of the bivalent vaccine against Covid-19 is recommended for people in priority groups:


  • people aged 60 and over;
  • people living in long-term care facilities;
  • pregnant and postpartum women;
  • health workers;
  • people deprived of liberty;
  • teenagers complying with socio-educational measures;
  • professionals from the prison system;
  • indigenous people, aged 5 or over;
  • riverside, aged 5 or over;
  • quilombolas, aged 5 or over;
  • immunocompromised people, 5 years of age or older;
  • people with comorbidities, aged 5 years or older, according to the health team’s assessment;
  • people with permanent disabilities, aged 5 or over.

It is worth remembering that the vaccine against COVID-19 is now part of the childhood vaccination calendar (from six months onwards).

Covid-19 situation in Patos de Minas: In 2024, Patos de Minas recorded 381 positive cases of Covid-19 and three deaths from the disease.

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