Considered the most beautiful, actress lost space after illness

Great star of soap operas, actress did not receive new job invitations after illness

The actress Maria Claudia de Souza She started working at an early age, and at 16 she was already taking her first steps as a model. With an unusual beauty, she caught the attention of TV Globo directors and was considered the most beautiful woman in Brazil 1978. Her debut on the small screen took place in “Verão Vermelho”, written by Dias Gomes.

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After landing several soap operas on Globo, the actress acted in “Pão Pão, Beijo Beijo” when she began to realize that something was not right with her health. Diagnosed with a rare problem with her vocal cords, Maria Cláudia needed to be away from soap operas to be treated and when she got better, she had already lost the space she fought so hard to conquer on television.

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After recovering, the actress spent about 10 years trying to return to dramaturgy, which happened in 1992 in “Deus Nos Acuda”, which was her last plot on the network. According to “TV História”, the veteran worked at Record and SBT, where she acted in successful soap operas such as “A Escrava Isaura” and “Uma Rosa Com Amor”.

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In an interview with the newspaper “O Globo” in 2007, the actress lamented the lack of opportunities on TV, after recovering from the disease: “There was no more invitation, but I don’t know why. I even have the greatest affection for everyone at Globo. But since they didn’t call me, and stones that don’t roll create slime, I thought it was time to take a risk. Being born, living and dying in the same place is very limited,” she said.

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