Globo’s heartthrob actor was between life and death after diagnosis

Actor who was one of Globo’s heartthrobs was in serious condition after discovering cancer

The actor Guilherme Leme was one of Globo’s highlights between the 80’s and 90’s, much praised for its beauty, it didn’t take long for the famous to become one of the station’s heartthrobs and play prominent roles in soap operas. At first, the artist began his career in the theater, but it didn’t take long to get a spot on television.

His debut in soap operas took place in “Bambolê” in 1987, then he joined the cast of “Bebê a Bordo” and “Corpo e Alma”, a soap opera in which he played Gino and achieved great success. Over the years, the soap opera actor has worked at SBT and Record, however, there were few projects outside Globo.


According to the website “TV História”, in 2013 the actor discovered that he had cancer. It all started with an insistent pain in the throat and, when undergoing tests, the disease was confirmed, causing the heartthrob to undergo radiotherapy sessions: “I found out in April 2013. I was angry with the doctor who had misdiagnosed and went to treat in São Paulo. (…) They told me that my case was not serious, that they would be treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In May, I took the preparatory exams, I started in June and did it until the first week of July”, said the artist in an interview with Quem magazine, in 2014.

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During treatment, the veteran had an event that almost cost him his life: “I had a problem with my probe. Gastric juice leaked into the peritoneum (membrane that covers the abdominal wall and viscera), giving peritonitis and septicemia (widespread infection throughout the body). I was in a coma for three days.”

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After being between life and death, Guilherme Leme underwent surgery, spent about 20 days in the ICU and resumed chemotherapy sessions. The actor removed the ganglion and a lesion in his throat, causing him to completely get rid of the disease.

The actor came to stay in the ICU (Photo: Reproduction)

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