Mingau family lives with help from SBT after spending money on surgeries

Mingau family lives with help from SBT after spending money on surgeries
Mingau family lives with help from SBT after spending money on surgeries
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The musician’s daughter spent R$325,000 on surgeries

This Wednesday (3), in an interview with Chega Mais, on SBT, Isabelle Aglio, Mingau’s daughter, revealed that she and her mother, Annamaria Aglio, stopped working just to take care of the musician, who was shot in the head in September 2023. With his father’s departure from The Noite with Danilo Gentili, where he played with the band Ultraje a Rigor, his family began to receive assistance from the broadcaster.

The artist’s daughter explained that she has already invested R$325,000 in medical treatments and surgical procedures and it is still estimated that another R$300,000 will be spent. To be able to cover all the expenses, Isabelle Aglio opened an online fundraiser and also counts on the help of charity shows held by the group.

“They thought I was taking advantage. They asked: ‘Wow, he’s on TV, why are you doing this?’, ‘you guys are rich’. But the truth is that we don’t know what’s going to happen. He’s with tracheostomy still. It’s a multidisciplinary treatment,” he said.

“My mother and I are at the forefront of everything. She stopped her life to help me. I’m an only child and I have to take care of his life. We live with difficulties, but I work too, I’m an influencer. I took a break because it’s difficult, and we are receiving help from SBT, which helps a lot”, he admitted.

“He is in the hospital, with no expected discharge. He spent four months in the ICU, then went to a rehabilitation clinic, but he had a gastrointestinal problem there, an infection. Since February 2nd he has had to return to the hospital. He is in ICU, but as a precaution”, he concluded.

According to her, Mingau will undergo a cranioplasty, a reconstructive surgery to recover the protective function of the skull: “With this amount raised, we were able to pay for both surgeries and we are out of debt, but he is still hospitalized and will undergo another surgery very quickly. soon.”

“He will have a cranioplasty, because he lost a part of his skull, it couldn’t be saved after the shot. So he will need to put this prosthesis on not just for aesthetics, but to protect it. This could help with his rehabilitation, it will make it easier (… ) Today is seven months of hospitalization. It was very intense, no one knew if he would survive, so the first month was chaos. We didn’t leave there, my mother and I. There was a device that measured brain activity, so we talked to him by the machine. He had some reactions, but he was completely sedated”, he concluded.

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