Presenter eats live slugs in new reality show to survive; look

Presenter eats live slugs in new reality show to survive; look
Presenter eats live slugs in new reality show to survive; look
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Extreme Survival is the new reality show from Max, a streaming platform

Imagine having to feed on a live slug in the middle of an unknown forest with the sole aim of surviving. It is this type of challenge that presenters Taís Teixeira and Luciano Tigre will face in the reality show Sobrevivência Extrema, which premieres on April 30, at 8:30 pm, on the Max streaming platform and the Discovery channel.

In the program, the two survival experts will have to relive real cases in which people had to defy nature to escape their own death, recreating real accident scenes and having to submit to the same adversities that the characters faced with the sole objective of getting out. alive.

Among the inhospitable situations, the duo recreated the scene of a plane crash, in which the survivors were trapped in the woods in search of rescue. The presenters will have 72 hours to complete the challenge and will have the same resources available to them as the real characters had. And it is in one of these moments that Taís and Luciano end up eating live slugs, extracted from the trunk of a tree.

The reality show will have a new episode released per week on Max. Taís and Luciano are experienced in the subject, and the two have already participated in other realities, such as Largados & Pelados and Desafio em Dose Dupla, respectively.

In addition to the scenes of the presenters facing real difficulties, the reality show will also show the testimonies of survivors who faced the accidents, telling details of their near-death experiences. Rescuers and witnesses will also appear on the program, which will show images and videos of real situations.

Survivência Extrema was recorded in different regions of Brazil, such as Roraima, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Pará and Amazonas. The reality show is a co-production between Mixer Filmes and WBD, and is directed by Rodrigo Astiz, directed by Gabriel Hein and executive produced by Ana Maria Vilches and Adriana Marques, with production supervision by Adriana Cechetti and Luciana Soligo.

Photo: Disclosure/Max

Luciano Tigre and Taís Teixeira in the reality show Sobrevivência Extrema

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