Marcelo Rossi: case about the priest’s mansion will end up in court

Marcelo Rossi: case about the priest’s mansion will end up in court
Marcelo Rossi: case about the priest’s mansion will end up in court

Written in BRAZIL he 3/4/2024 · 07:41 am

The fuss surrounding Father Marcelo Rossi’s much-vaunted mansion valued at R$18 million continues to pay off. This time, the parish priest filed a lawsuit to prosecute the journalist Aaron Turawhich published an article with images of the house, not at all modest for a religious person.

Rossi says that everything is just “fake news”. The journalist, in turn, claims in a report published on his website that the religious man lives in a “mansion worthy of a movie”, with “floors so shiny they look like a mirror”.

According to the peer’s defense, the information is “untrue, ambiguous and misleading”, and the photos would have been “modified with the use of technological resources”. The religious advisor had already denied that the house is valued at R$18 million.

According to column by Mônica BergamoMarcelo Rossi’s lawyers assess that the defamatory narrative has “the potential to directly harm the reputation” of the religious man, “especially in the exercise of his religious vocation”.

The action requesting explanations was filed in the Barra Funda Central Criminal Forumin Sao Paulo.

Although the news was published some time ago, in June 2022, the lawsuit states that the images only went viral in February this year, after the newspaper O Globo published a report based on Aaron Tura’s website.

The priest then began to be criticized for the supposed mansion on his social networks. He even responded to some comments, saying: “Against fake news: prayer and the truth set you free.”

“Casa & Cia” Channel

Tura’s website states that the images released were taken from a YouTube channel called “Casa & Cia”. The video with photos of the house was published in February 2020 and has around 575 thousand views. According to the report, the mansion would have two thousand square meters, nine bedrooms, six bathrooms, among several other rooms.

Rossi’s defense wants the court to question the journalist whether the real estate value of the house was assessed, whether he was at the residence and whether he checked the veracity of the published images.

Aaron told the column that he was not aware of any action taken against him by the religious man. He also stated that his website has made “no publications this year [2024] about Father Marcelo Rossi.”

“For this reason, I have no clarification to give,” he said.

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