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Recently, a video began circulating on social media of singer Claudia Leitte cleaning herself after having contact with a fan at the door of the Globo studios. The artist didn’t even hide it and started shaking her arm after hugging her admirer. According to internet users, what happened was that some dandruff fell on the singer’s arm and she was trying to clean herself..

As usual, some fans were at the station’s door hoping to see some of the local celebrities. When Claudia Leitte arrived, her admirers were excited and asked the singer to come closer to speak to them. Responding to requests, the artist went to meet them and took a photo with everyone there. There was one moment, however, that gained prominence and became a topic in the social media.

A fan approached Claudia Leitte to take a photo, but had to move away to resolve an issue with her cell phone. It was then that the singer, while waiting for the girl’s return, began to shake her arm, visibly cleaning herself of something. On the web, internet users pointed out that the artist was getting rid of the young girl’s dandruff that fell on her arm when the girl hugged her.

I can’t stand her shaking her arm to remove the dandruff from the girl who fell on her”; “This girl’s hair made Bia do Brás’ hair look healthy”; “Wow, but the girl’s hair was really greasy lol”; “She takes a look at her hair lol”; “My God, dandruff already has a life of its own”; “How can someone leave so much dandruff like that?”; “The girl’s hair and Claudia’s, the difference in hygiene screams”, pointed out users of X – formerly Twitter.

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