Sandy comments on the repercussions of her lunch box during travel: ‘My life is zero glamour’


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02/04/2024 – 21:01

Sandy, 41 years old, spoke about the repercussion she generated after sharing her lunch box during a trip. In an exclusive interview with “TV Fama” (RedeTV!), this Tuesday, the 2nd, she commented on the photo of her PF, the popular dish made, which went viral on the web.

“These moments are predominant in my life, because I am much more of a person [física] than artist. I’m roots as hell, my life is zero glamour. Glamor is only when we dress up this cute for a premiere [risos]!”, she said, with her usual good humor.

The artist, who returns to acting after more than 10 years away from the big screen, is traveling around Brazil to promote the film “Evidence of Love”, starring her. And it was on one of these trips that she shared an image of the meal with her fans on Instagram that sparked curiosity.

“Today’s lunch: PF on the road. I love it too”, she wrote when sharing a photo of the lunch box in Stories, last Monday, the 1st.

During the chat with TV Fama, she commented on the experience of starring after so long away from the big screen, and the emotion of being in a feature that is a tribute to the song “Evidências”, a song composed by José Augusto and Paulo Sérgio Valle in 1989, and which became a country anthem in the voices of Chitãozinho and Xororó, his uncle and father respectively.

“It was exciting to be able to tell a story in the cinema that has as its backdrop a song that is very important to our culture and has a special meaning for my life. I had to be Laura [personagem]there was no way”, she assessed.

When talking about what it was like working with Fábio Porchat, her romantic partner in the film, the artist is full of praise. “He is a great workmate and a very good person. It’s a delight to work with him, we had a lot of fun on set.”

Still on ‘TV Fama’ (RedeTV!), Sandy reveals her plans for her career as an actress: “I don’t think so in a soap opera, because there are many months of dedication. The film was six weeks [de gravação] and then it becomes more possible, something more specific. But I would definitely do another one-off acting project, because it’s a side of me that I love to explore and that makes me happy,” she celebrated.

Sandy. Reproduction/Instagram.
Credit: Disclosure/RedeTV!

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