See how to obtain a loan from the Lula government of up to R$108 thousand

See how to obtain a loan from the Lula government of up to R$108 thousand
See how to obtain a loan from the Lula government of up to R$108 thousand

Many people are aware of the existence of Pronampe (National Support Program for Micro and Small Businesses), a government initiative that offers easier access to credit for companies. However, the doubt remains whether this opportunity also extends to Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEIs).

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MEI can take out a loan through Pronampe; know how

Pronampe was introduced by the government during the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and, according to the provisions of Ordinance No. 6,320 of July 18, 2022, authorized financial institutions will be able to formalize credit transactions through the program until December 31, 2024.

The resources obtained can be directed both to investments, such as purchasing equipment and carrying out renovations, and to operational expenses, including payment of salaries, utility bills such as water and electricity, rent, in addition to purchasing raw materials and goods, among other needs.

The maximum term for repaying the loan is 48 months, with the possibility of a grace period of up to 11 months, and the interest rate applied is 6% per year plus the Selic rate.

Pronampe generally provides loans corresponding to up to 30% of the revenue of micro and small companies, however, there is a ceiling established for each type of company: up to R$108 thousand for micro companies and up to R$1.4 million for small companies . In the case of companies with less than one year of activity, the loan limit can reach up to 50% of the share capital or up to 30% of the average gross monthly revenue multiplied by 12.

Who is entitled to Pronampe?

Access to Pronampe is available to both Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEIs) and owners of small and medium-sized companies, as long as their annual gross revenue does not exceed R$300 million. Below are the different billing intervals according to the type of company:

  • For MEIs (Individual Microentrepreneurs);
  • For micro-enterprises with annual revenue of up to R$360 thousand;
  • For small companies, whose annual revenue is between R$360 thousand and R$4.8 million;
  • For medium-sized companies, with annual gross revenue of up to R$300 million.

Mei, how do I get the Pronampe Loan?

  1. Access the Virtual Service Center Portal (e-CAC Portal) and log in with your details;
  2. Look for the “Authorize Data Sharing” option;
  3. Select the banking institutions from which you wish to request a financing proposal and then authorize them to consult your 2021 revenue.
  4. Then, just look for the bank where your company has an account and ask for the loan through Pronampe.

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