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Shein – a global online beauty, fashion and lifestyle retailer based in Singapore – opens its first physical store in the South of Brazil, in Curitiba. Between the 12th and 15th of April, Shein announced a super new feature: a 600 m² pop-up store with a variety of clothes, from PP to G5, of all styles and tastes. There will be more than 13 thousand items that will be on sale in just four days, with prices ranging from R$21.99 to R$329.99.

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Clothing, accessories and fashion and beauty items for men, women, children’s lines and even pets. For the first time, a Shein pop-up store in Brazil will bring a variety of pieces from different seasons, from summer to winter. To enjoy the shopping experience, you must purchase a ticket – free – which will be available at this link from April 3rd at 10am


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Shein’s marketing director in Brazil, Raquel Arruda, told us firsthand Paraná Tribune the details of the new pop-up store, which will be opened at Shopping Estação, in the center of Curitiba.

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“Although we are a 100% digital company, the pop-up is a way of taking the entire Shein experience to the physical world as well. Why Curitiba? Brands make very good use of Curitiba. In the field of marketing, Curitiba is a model city, a laboratory city for learning about and testing products. We’re not going to test, we’re going to Curitiba to bring a lot of experience and cool stuff”, says the director.

Curitiba pop-up store project. Image: disclosure.

In stock, more than 13 thousand items of women’s, men’s, plus size and pet fashion. Of the total, 57% of the items are manufactured in Brazil. “We want to bring a more accessible experience to the public, for customers in Curitiba, something memorable, that is unique in these four days, with price and quality”. Fun fact: Shein’s internationally manufactured pieces arrive in the country by plane.

From summer to winter and special toast!

By studying the public in Curitiba, Shein brings two super special brands from within the Shein platform to the pop-up store: Daisy and Motf. “Daisy has a super versatile collection. We bring a casual look. You use it during the day and can also go there for happy hour, or something that can extend into the night. It is a brand that brings a lot of style and is very accessible, which is our characteristic DNA. Shein very much has this definition. It is a brand that can bring style and glamor effortlessly. You travel from day to night in a super peaceful way. And Motf are more classic pieces, bringing a more elegant tone, with tailoring. You can go from a slightly more refined work, a corporate environment, to going to parties, naturally chic”, defines Raquel.

With the pop-up store experience, the Curitiba public will have the opportunity to touch and feel the pieces already sold on Shein platforms. The public from Curitiba who goes to the store will receive an exclusive gift from Shein designed exclusively for the public here. “It’s a really cool gift that we will have, connecting with the city of Curitiba, which is Shein for all seasons. In Curitiba we have several seasons during a single day. It’s sunny, it’s cloudy, it rains, it’s hot,” she reveals.

In addition to the gift already announced, Shein promises promotions at its pop-up in Curitiba. There is a 10% discount on any item, with no minimum value, and over R$450 in purchases, a 20% discount. Unlike guide shops, Shein’s pop-up allows for the complete shopping experience. The customer leaves the store with the item in hand, can try it on, check it out and take it home.

What do people from Curitiba like to buy at Shein?

The pop-up store, which has been very well thought out for the public in Curitiba, comes with pieces that have already been well researched and have won over the public in the capital of Paraná. “Jeans are one of the items that sell the most in Curitiba, including in Brazil as a whole. We also have items like nightwear, which come in a lot, with pants and long-sleeved blouses for Curitiba. But jeans are our “best sellers”, comments the marketing director.

When you think about the Brazilian style of dressing, jeans perform very well as a whole. “We have a wide variety of jeans, different washes, colors, styles and models. As our portfolio contains 57% Brazilian products, the jeans we bring were designed for the Brazilian body. It has an outline of Brazilianness”, he reinforces.

Circular fashion – new for Curitiba

For Curitiba, Shein brings something new that involves circular fashion. For the first time, the brand decided to invest in an initiative that combines commitment and social responsibility. “We are going to place a box from a partner, an institution, a solidarity box inside the pop-up. This partner will provide a box in the store where visitors can deposit clothes, shoes, towels, and even other items such as duvets, from any brand”, explains the director.

After the items are collected, they will undergo sorting. So an analysis will ensure what can be reused and donated and what is waste. The donation is made exclusively to partner entities. “What cannot be donated to these institutions, they reuse this waste and understand how to best transform it”, he reveals.

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