Cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on in April besides Bitcoin and Dogecoin

Cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on in April besides Bitcoin and Dogecoin
Cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on in April besides Bitcoin and Dogecoin

The month of April has arrived and with it will come one of the most important events for cryptocurrencies: the Bitcoin (BTC) halving. Scheduled to take place on April 20th, the halving is the cut in the issuance of new BTC, foreseen in the cryptocurrency software.

Every 210,000 blocks, or about four years, this cut reduces the entry of new BTC into the market by half. Today, around 900 new BTC enters every day. But after the halving, that number will drop to around 450 BTC, or 3,125 BTC per block.

Historically, halving is the event that catalyzes strong price increases in BTC, which can exceed 1,000%. But it also ushers in the cycle of altcoins, which can often surpass BTC in terms of gains. So, see now which are the most promising cryptocurrencies to take advantage of the halving in April.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Memecoins began a strong bull cycle in 2024 and could lead the market’s post-halving gains. And DOGE, which is the largest memecoin in this niche, is in the ideal position to take advantage of the bullish cycle.

Last month alone, DOGE rose 46% and led the Top 10 monthly gains, outperforming Bitcoin’s returns by more than 100%. It also has a low value, which increases the chance of more potential winnings.

Furthermore, DOGE is the gateway to the universe of memecoins and also has strong “support” through a strong community. It is strategically positioned to benefit from a bull cycle that could be even stronger than that of BTC.

Slothana (SLOTH)

They say sloths are slow, but not in the world of memecoins and not Slothana, the newest memecoins on the Solana network. With its pre-sale open, SLOTH surpassed US$3 million in sales in just three days.

Slothana pre-sale adopted a single-tier pricing system, in which investors send SOL tokens to the project’s wallet address to make the purchase. There are no preliminary rounds or price increases typical of these pre-sales, which led many investors to become interested in SLOTH.

Another difference is that there is no limit to purchasing SLOTH: each person can purchase as many units as they wish. It also does not have a final limit for the end of pre-sales. The only rule is that for every 1 SOL, the investor takes 10,000 SLOTH.

The success of this pre-sale demonstrates memecoin’s potential amid the frenzy surrounding this asset class. Therefore, click on the official website and secure your SLOTH.

Dogecoin 20 (DOGE20)

Despite appearing to be a “copy” of DOGE, Dogecoin 20 has some important differences, including the possibility of earnings through Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Another advantage of DOGE20 is its scarce supply of 140 billion, a number well below other memecoins.

With interesting tokenomics and a fixed offer, Dogecoin 20 was the biggest highlight of March among pre-sales. It raised $5 million in less than a week and pre-sales sold out three days later, on March 25th.

But if you don’t purchase your DOGE20 in pre-sale, it is still possible to buy them at a special price before their launch on exchanges. Through the official website, you can purchase your DOGE20 for US$0.00022 per unit until April 20th.

Brett (BRETT)

The Brett memecoin sells itself as “Pepe’s best friend at Base”. From the description, it is clear that it is a memecoin that operates on the Base network, created by the Coinbase exchange. She appeared in March 2024 and became the network’s “official” mascot.

Along with other memecoins such as Degen (DEGEN), BRETT soon caused Base volumes to skyrocket, reaching over $1 billion per day – an all-time high. Today, BRETT has $654.6 million, and recorded gains of 100% in less than a month.

Last week, BRETT traded US$21 million in a single day, becoming the 16th most traded meme currency in the world. If the Base continues to grow, BRETT may have room to seek new highs.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Finally, the biggest beneficiary of the halving will undoubtedly be Bitcoin, which will see a cut in its already scarce issuance. This means less new BTC to meet a demand that, in 2024, was 10 times greater than the monthly supply that miners placed.

In addition to enthusiasts and companies, ETFs are now competing for these BTC – and managers want to pay big. Therefore, this supply shock after the halving could cause strong price increases in the medium term.

In this cycle, BTC has already broken its historic high before the halving, something that has never happened before and which gives a small sample of the strength of demand that still exists.

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