Managed by Caixa, unemployment insurance gains new service point


About 500 Lottery houses across the country are registering to offer lottery services Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF)like the unemployment insurance. You Mail will be responsible for the operation, installing collection points at lottery outlets.

Managed by Caixa, unemployment insurance gains a new service point. Image: Jeane de Oliveira/FDR

This initiative aims to facilitate access to essential financial services for the population, such as the acquisition of unemployment insurancean important benefit for unemployed workers.

The pCaixa residents, Carlos Vieiraand the Correios, Fabiano dos Santos, signed a cooperation to offer new services. The partnership aims to expand access to unemployment insurance and other financial benefits. The initiative was announced last Monday, 25bringing more convenience to citizens.

O unemployment insurance has now become more accessible thanks to the partnership between Box It is Mail. Fabiano dos Santos highlighted the importance of this cooperation, aiming to meet the needs of Brazilians for long journeys. The aim is to provide a better quality service throughout the country, considering its continental dimensions.

In addition to unemployment insurance, other facilities will be offered. Employees of Box will be able to provide services both virtually and in person, using the physical spaces of the Mail. This approach aims to expand access to financial services throughout the national territory.

Below I present the eligibility rules for the unemployment insurance. And in this link, I exclusively selected recent data on the significant increase in the number of requests for this benefit, which demonstrates serious concerns about the current job market.

Who can receive unemployment insurance?

O unemployment insurance It is a type of savings converted into a benefit paid exclusively to workers fired without just cause. The right is only granted to citizens with a formal contract for at least one year.

Despite the signature on the Work and Social Security Card (CTPS) be one of the main criteria for acquiring the unemployment insurance, is not enough to entitle you to access the benefit. It is essential to meet some other requirements, such as:

  • Having been dismissed without just cause;

  • Be unemployed when you apply for the benefit;

  • Have received at least 12 salaries in the last 18 months. This rule is valid for the first request;

  • Have worked at least nine months in the last 12 months, when making the second unemployment insurance claim;

  • Have worked with a formal contract for the last 6 months, starting from the third request;

  • Not having your own income to support yourself and your family;

  • Not receiving continued Social Security benefits. The rule is valid except for death pensions and accident benefits.

How many installments are paid for unemployment insurance?

  • 1st Request: 4 installments for those who worked between 12 and 23 months and 5 for more than 23 months;

  • 2nd Request: 3 installments for those who worked between 9 and 11 months, 4 from 12 to 23 and 5 for more than 23;

  • 3rd Request: 3 installments for those who worked between 6 and 11 months, 4 from 12 to 23 and 5 for more than 23.

What is the value of unemployment insurance in 2024?

The table of unemployment insurance 2024 was published by Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE)with correction of 3.71%based on INPC in 2023. The value of the benefit, intended for unemployed workers, is calculated based on the average salary of the three months prior to dismissal and cannot be lower than the current minimum wage, established in R$ 1,412.

Those whose last three salaries were greater than R$ 3,402.65 will receive the unemployment insurance at a fixed value of BRL 2,313.74. This update seeks to ensure fair compensation for workers facing unemployment.

How to apply for unemployment insurance online?

After meeting the necessary requirements for requesting the unemployment insuranceit is possible to send a request through the application by following the following steps:

  1. Download the Digital Work Card application on your mobile device;

  2. Access “Enter with”;

  3. Log in with your account;

  4. Access the “Benefits” tab, located at the bottom of the screen;

  5. In the “Unemployment Insurance” category, select “Request;

  6. Choose the type of benefit;

  7. Enter the application number;

  8. Accept the terms presented and start the request.

What is the deadline for unemployment insurance to be released?

Immediately, one of the worker’s main doubts regarding receiving the unemployment insurance is the deadline for releasing the benefit. It is important to know that access to the resource is only granted after the employment contract is terminated.

At this time, the company is obliged to provide a series of documents to the employee. In this documentation, the application form for the unemployment insurancewhich contains a protocol number that will be the starting point for the request.

The worker has a period of seven to 120 days to enter the order. The release of values ​​usually takes place within 30 to 45 days counted from the date the protocol was registered.

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