Caixa guarantees 2 benefits to save CLTs


Caixa guaranteed release of FGTS and +1 benefit to save CLTs

Caixa recently granted a great opportunity to its customers, because the institution announced the anticipation of the 13th salary.

Through its official website, Caixa also informed about the release of the FGTS, which arrived with everything to save CLTs in March.

With the opportunity given to use your 13th salary, you can use the amount to pay off debts, make necessary purchases or even plan that dream trip. To apply in advance, simply have a CAIXA salary credit or be retired or a permanent INSS pensioner. All conditions are available at your Agency, so be sure to check them.


Convenience: The application process is simple and the amount is credited to your account the next day. Ease: Anticipate from R$500.00 to R$20,000.00 and take advantage of the best contracting conditions on the market. Practicality: Payment is made in a single payment on the date of receipt of your 13th salary.

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Who can request:

  • Deposit account holders with salary credit at CAIXA who have been employed for at least 12 months.
  • Retirees or permanent INSS pensioners who receive the benefit in a deposit account at CAIXA.

Limit: The amount varies from R$500.00 to R$20,000.00 and is calculated based on the net portion of your 13th salary or the payment capacity defined for you. The option chosen will be the one that offers the lowest value.


If you want the FGTS Birthday Withdrawal, you now have the opportunity to bring forward up to 5 periods and complete your projects sooner.

The credit process is quick and uncomplicated, without bureaucracy. You can make advance payments directly from home, via your cell phone or computer, without needing to go to a CAIXA branch, as long as you have a current account at the bank. However, it is essential that your registration is up to date.

The minimum total loan amount is R$500.00. Furthermore, each withdrawal to be made in advance must be equal to or greater than R$200.00. It is worth highlighting before requesting that both modalities released by Caixa are loans.

Caixa Econômica Federal - Photo: Internet

Caixa Econômica Federal – Photo: Internet

Bank unit (Photo: Reproduction/ Internet)

Bank unit (Photo: Reproduction/ Internet)

Box (Reproduction/Internet)

Box (Reproduction/Internet)



O Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) represents an essential financial guarantee for Brazilian workers in times of difficulty.

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Over time, the fund has undergone several changes, requiring attention from workers to understand the changes and their impacts.

In this context, we highlight three crucial announcements made by Lula, which promise to significantly remodel the FGTS. To find out more, read the full article here!



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