Correios records losses of R$597 million in 2023

Correios records losses of R$597 million in 2023
Correios records losses of R$597 million in 2023

The Post and Telegraph recorded a loss of R$597 million in 2023. This number represents an improvement of R$171 million (22.27%) compared to the loss of R$768 million recorded in 2022.

Total revenue reached R$21.6 billion, with emphasis on the international segment, which reached R$836 million.

In relation to sales, a net value of R$19.2 billion was recorded in 2023, a reduction of 2.88% compared to the R$19.8 billion in 2022.

Total expenses in 2023 totaled R$22.2 billion, representing a reduction of R$575 million compared to the previous period, which was R$22.8 billion.

It is important to highlight that the company was removed from the National Privatization Program (PND) in April last year by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

Post and Telegraph

Correios, officially called Brazilian Post and Telegraph Company, is a Brazilian state-owned company responsible for the country’s postal services. Founded in 1663, it is one of the oldest institutions operating in Brazil.

Its main objective is to deliver correspondence, parcels and other postal products throughout the national territory, in addition to offering services such as Sedex, telegram, express parcels, integrated logistics, among others. Correios plays a fundamental role in communication and commerce in Brazil, connecting people and companies across the country.


State-owned companies Caixa Econômica Federal and Correios announced an unprecedented partnership, through which services traditionally offered by Caixa, such as the Social Integration Program (PIS), the Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) and unemployment insurance, will be available also in Post Office units. In return, citizens will be able to post and collect orders at collection points installed in lottery outlets.

The presidents of Caixa, Carlos Vieira, and Correios, Fabiano Silva dos Santos, signed this partnership, which also includes the possibility for Caixa employees to provide in-person or virtual services within Correios units.

Caixa customers will have access to videoconference support for services such as updating registrations, unlocking passwords, consultation and authorization to withdraw social benefits, in addition to guidance on salary bonuses, unemployment insurance, FGTS and the National Social Security Institute (INSS) .


The integration between Caixa and Correios had been in the testing phase since March 12 at a post office in Peixe-Boi (PA). The president of Caixa also revealed that 500 of the bank’s 13,000 banking correspondents are already receiving orders from the Post Office.

The objective is to make the bank’s services available in all Correios units by the end of the year, focusing on locations without Caixa service points. As for lottery outlets, the expansion of service will depend on the units’ adherence.

Furthermore, the agreement provides for the sharing of properties between Correios and Caixa, aiming to expand the face-to-face coverage of both companies and contribute to the recovery and modernization of properties belonging to the Union.

With regard to postal services, a 4.39% increase in Post Office tariffs is expected from April 3, in line with the variation in the Broad National Consumer Price Index (IPCA) in 2023. This adjustment covers sending national letters and postcards, telegrams, international mailings and others, as specified by the Ministry of Communications.

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