6 Most Anticipated Books of 2023

6 Most Anticipated Books of 2023
6 Most Anticipated Books of 2023

The year 2023 has begun and readers are already eager for releases. Several new features are coming, in addition to series continuations and epic works. Whether in physical format or e-books, keep an eye on what’s coming around and take advantage of promotions to get the much-desired ones discounts on books.

  1. In the Shadow – Prince Harry

The first book on the list will arrive in January, starting on the 10th, and is already available for pre-order. “In the Shadow” is a very moving biographical account of Prince Harry, a member of the UK’s royal family.

The idea of ​​the book is to tell the story behind this man so important to this generation, in an intense and sincere way. The context will talk about the mother, the psychological disorders, the marriage with the model Meghan, the relationship with the family and much more.

  1. A sentimental man – Javier Marías

One of the author’s most praised works returns in 2023 with a new look. Four years later, the characters are back with a more intimate and passionate plot from this renowned writer.

  1. Everything reminds me of you – Colleen Hoover

One of the darlings of 2022, Colleen returns this year with another launch that promises to be a success. The story revolves around Kenna Rowan, an ex-con who returns to town to get his family back.

But of course, as in all of the author’s stories, not everything goes as planned. The character will meet ghosts from the past and will have to make a lot of effort to get his old life back. The expected launch for “Tudo me reminds you” is in the month of February.

  1. School for Good Mothers – Jessamine Chan

One of the most anticipated books for this year is a feminist novel, which takes place in Philadelphia, United States. The plot is intense and modern and wanders between macabre humor and suspense.

The idea is to talk about the challenges and pressures of modernity from the perspective of a mother with tendencies to anxiety, who is denounced and temporarily loses custody of her daughter. This dramatic and very real work will also come out in February.

  1. Vieira Jr.

Author of “Torto Arado”, one of the greatest Brazilian bestsellers of recent times, Vieira Jr. will also launch a new book in 2023. A new novel will be released by Editora Toda and still has no name or synopsis released.

  1. Lucy by the Sea – Elizabeth Strout

The last book in the well-known Elizabeth saga will be released in 2023 and is one of the great literary bets of the year. The novel will be around the character Lucy Barton, who was the protagonist of My name is Lucy Barton, Anything’s Possible and Oh, William.

In this work, the plot is very similar to what we live in 2020 and 2021, a pandemic world with the population about to go into confinement. Fleeing from Manhattan to Maine, Lucy and her ex-husband live in hope of a better future and a love for life. The release date is for April.

Many titles and artists have not yet been released by the publishers. But what is known is that unpublished releases and series continuations can happen. In addition, authors who were very successful in 2022, such as Brittainy C Cherry, Holly Black and Cassandra Clare are already confirmed in new works for this year.

2023 is a year with big literary names involved in releases, so great works, bestsellers and breathtaking stories from readers are expected.

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