Will the April 8th Eclipse be seen in Brazil? Find out everything about the phenomenon

Will the April 8th Eclipse be seen in Brazil? Find out everything about the phenomenon
Will the April 8th Eclipse be seen in Brazil? Find out everything about the phenomenon
Photo: Vanessa Tuleski

Will the April 8th Eclipse be seen in Brazil? Find out everything about the phenomenon

Phenomenon that captures the attention of millions around the globe, the Total Solar Eclipse brings with it a mixture of fascination and apprehension. The next one is on April 8th. Although many people are excited to know whether the April 8th Eclipse will be seen in Brazil, the answer is no.

The second eclipse of 2024 has visibility restricted to North America, including the United States, Mexico and Canada. In fact, it will be the only total solar eclipse in the 21st century in which totality will be visible in these three countries at the same time.

Despite this, not all is lost for Brazilians. Technology allows us to overcome the barriers of geography, and we will be able to follow the phenomenon through live broadcasts over the internet, with emphasis on the National Observatory and the NASA

The good news for us Brazilians is that In astrological terms, Eclipses can have greater power where they are visible
. Therefore, the instability, crises and sudden changes that are usually felt during eclipses may be less intense here.

Next Eclipse visible in Brazil

For those who want to observe this phenomenon directly, saved in 2024 lunar calendar the next opportunity: on October 2, 2024 we will have a Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra
which will be visible on Brazilian soil.

Prepare yourself: in this eclipse, there may be an increase in aggressiveness and agitation in relationships, not only emotional ones, but family, professional and friendships as well.

Astrological Meaning of the April 8 Eclipse

In addition to astronomical observation, the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th will take place in sign of Aries and carries deep astrological meanings.

This event suggests a period of personal and collective reflection, especially for countries directly affected by the totality of the eclipse.

In Brazilian lands, although the eclipse is not visible, its energy refers to reflections on initiatives, transformations and interpersonal relationships, marking a period of reevaluations and new beginnings that does not only occur on April 8th.

Each eclipse can have effects until another of the same type occurs — as the next one is in October, we have six months to experience transformations. And each person will experience this phase differently, as we explain below.

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How to prepare for the Eclipse

For each person, the eclipse activates a specific area and can have repercussions in different ways. That’s why, The best way to prepare for the Lunar Eclipse is to know which astrological house in your Birth Chart the Moon is activating.

At Personare, you will find a free calculator to find out which area of ​​your life will be activated by the eclipse on April 8th. Enough access the Sky Map, enter your data and see which house on your Map will be highlighted by the eclipse.

With this information in hand, find out below what this eclipse can bring to the surface and how to best deal with it.

How to deal:

  • House 1: time to look at yourself, seek perspectives and see what the price is to pay for opening new paths and attitudes.
  • House 2:
    Can your income and/or financial management improve with something you haven’t tried so far?
  • House 3:
    Beginnings can involve courses, information, circulation, in a mix of opportunities, but also determination.
  • House 4:
    You need to bring a new perspective to your family and your past. It is necessary to establish new foundations in your life, but they require firmness.
  • House 5:
    Expanded expression and creativity are in play now, opening up new fields of focus and effort.
  • House 6:
    You are ready to improve your health, habits, work and daily life with new things, but it will require persistence.
  • House 7:
    new partnerships open up, while others need to be reviewed. How to look for new things in your relationships? Also, beginnings may come to your pair.
  • House 8:
    You are ready to transform, but you need courage to generate great improvements in your life.
  • House 9: Your persistence means seeking new horizons and starting new things in your life.
  • House 10
    : There can be a lot of visibility involving a lot of work, forcing you to organize yourself. New projects may be on the way!
  • House 11
    : opportunities from new projects and contacts with groups, although everything can involve a lot of work.
  • House 12
    : doing an emotional cleanse to leave what is old behind and, therefore, embracing new opportunities in your life can be great.

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Vanessa Tuleski

Vanessa Tuleski gives astrological-therapeutic consultations and was a pioneer in Brazilian Astrology when speaking about the general Sky, instead of the traditional sign-by-sign horoscope. She is the creator of the course “Food and Your Astral Map” on Personare. She participates in weekly astrological prediction programs on Personare’s YouTube channel.

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