BBB24: Lucas is the new Leader

BBB24: Lucas is the new Leader
BBB24: Lucas is the new Leader
Lucas from BBB24 (Globo/Fábio Rocha)

Turbo mode on BBB24! After Pitel’s elimination, the brothers and sisters participated in the Leader’s Test. Lucas Henrique was the winner and became the new leader. For the VIP, Buddha chose Giovanna.

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The test was carried out in three phases. In the first phase, you had to choose a cell phone and sign it, if you got it right you would advance in the test. The second phase was shooting, the three players who scored the most points would move on to the final phase. The third phase, whoever chooses the correct seat, number 1, takes the lead.

Watch the video explaining the test:

The seventeenth Big Brother Brasil Wall will be formed this evening. It will be the first double wall this season.

BBB25 is coming!

‘BBB 24’ isn’t over yet, but the next edition is already very close to starting to fill the popular imagination…. and brings news! Every year, as soon as a season ends, the desire of tens of thousands of fans begins to emerge, who try to get a spot on the most watched reality show in the country as soon as registration opens. In ‘BBB 25’, this dream begins differently: registration will be in pairs. But it’s not just any duo. It is essential that there are two people strongly connected by a bond. A pair of best friends, aunt and nephew, mother and daughter, a married couple, brothers, cousins, grandmother and grandson.

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