Globo soap opera gets bogged down and becomes a regular on SPTV

Globo soap opera gets bogged down and becomes a regular on SPTV
Globo soap opera gets bogged down and becomes a regular on SPTV

On the air for almost a month, Cheias de Charme shows signs that it could become another reason for insomnia for Globo directors: the first high definition soap opera in the Special Edition block has not yet caught on with viewers and, contrary to the trend, observed by all its predecessors until now, it has been losing audience weekly. Until then, all the serials that aired in the range managed to increase their ratings from the fourth week onwards. This, however, has not yet happened with the plot that tells the story of the Empreguetes.

The consolidated audience data for Greater São Paulo, obtained by the Pop TV with market sources, reveal that Cheias de Charme had the worst performance of a plot from the Special Edition session on a Tuesday since the block of re-presentations was implemented in December 2021. The serial by Filipe Miguez and Izabel de Oliveira scored average of 10.4 points and didn’t even manage to secure leadership in its time slot, which ended up in the hands of video-on-demand content platforms, which had an average of 10.6 points.

What do you need to know

  • For the second day in a row, Jornal Nacional (24.9) had the highest peak in television audiencewith 27.0 points;
  • A Corinthians’ debut in the Copa Sudamericana won the best SBT rating in 2024with a peak of 11 points;
  • Afternoon phenomenon on RedeTV! A Tarde é Sua (2.1) beat the Band once again and came to be ahead of Fofocalizando.

In addition to the negative record, Empreguetes has also systematically gained less audience than the afternoon edition of SPTV: this Tuesday, the local lunchtime newscast beat the soap opera again, this time by a difference of five tenths — it was the third chapter consecutive series in which the serial reached fewer viewers than the news program led by Alan Severiano. In comparison with Jornal Hoje, which precedes the plot on the schedule, the situation is even more delicate: the last time she beat César Tralli was on March 19th.

So far, the best performance of the revival of Cheias de Charme continues to be in its debut chapter, which scored 13.4 points on the afternoon of March 11th. None of its predecessors had such an apathetic performance in its first month of exhibition: O Cravo e a Rosa, which opened the Special Edition block, surpassed the popularity of its debut in its second chapter. Chocolate com Pimenta equaled the numbers of its first chapter on three occasions in its first five weeks. Mulheres de Areia, in turn, broke an audience record on its fourth day on air.

Cheias de Charme left Globo behind streaming platforms (photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Full of Charm, but without ibope

  • Showing times: between 2:40 pm and 3:26 pm;
  • 10.4 average points, 11.2 peak and 25.0% share;
  • Worst performance in the history of the Special Edition on a Tuesday;
  • Lower audience for a Globo program between noon and midnight;
  • It lost its leadership to streaming platforms, leaders in the range with 10.6 points.

Check out the audiences obtained by the attractions on the main TV channels this Tuesday (2):

Each point represents 73,280 households and 191,480 individuals in Greater São Paulo.
Data provided by broadcasters

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