Three characters who will let the mask fall in Elas por Elas


In the final stretch, They for Them has not been skimping on bombastic revelations. In the next chapters of Globo’s six o’clock soap opera, more secrets will come to light after three characters are unmasked.

Kesia and Alexandre Borges in Elas por Elas

The new bombs will definitely change the lives of Lara (Deborah Secco) and Taís (Késia). Helena (Isabel Teixeira) and Sérgio (Marcos Caruso) will be even more trapped in the face of the truth.

Find out who the three characters unmasked are in the next chapters of Elas por Elas:


Fagundes (Antonio Tabet) will be captured in the next chapters of Elas por Elas. The bad character has already done several dirty jobs for Sérgio and Helena and will end up paying the price for his crimes.

However, the bandit will not pay the price alone. When captured by the police, the henchman will throw everything to the fan and report to the police the various crimes he committed at the behest of Sérgio and Helena.

With this, the siege will close on the duo of villains. Things will get so bad that Sérgio will plan an escape. But Helena, increasingly unbalanced, won’t like her father’s idea at all.


Cássio Gabus Mendes in Elas por Elas

Roberto (Cassio Gabus Mendes) harmed Lara and Taís throughout Elas por Elas. In addition to killing Átila (Sergio Guizé), the scoundrel plotted to take away everything that belonged to her from the widow. Suddenly, Lara found herself without a home, without an office and without money.

With Taís, it was no different. Roberto did everything he could to frame the model for Átila’s murder and thus get away with yet another of his crimes. However, the villain will get the punishment he deserves in the end.

Lara and Mário (Lázaro Ramos) will manage to gather evidence against Roberto. Furthermore, even Vilma (Viétia Zangrandi) will turn around and reveal everything she knows about the criminal’s deeds.


In addition to having to deal with Fagundes’ accusation, Sérgio will also be unmasked by Natália (Mariana Santos) and Adriana (Thalita Carauta) in the next chapters of the six o’clock soap opera. The photographer will remember that it was Helena’s father who pushed Bruno (Luan Argollo) off the cliff.

At the time, Bruno had been blackmailing Helena, threatening to reveal to Jonas (Mateus Solano) that the baby the vixen was expecting was actually his. Sérgio, as he always did, took charge of the situation and ended up pushing Bruno to his death.

The villain will still try to escape, claiming that he was not in the city on the day in question. But Adriana will reveal that Isis (Rayssa Bratillieri) was conceived that same night. With this, it will be clear that it was Sérgio who killed Bruno.

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