decisive week reveals three secrets of Elas for Elas

decisive week reveals three secrets of Elas for Elas
decisive week reveals three secrets of Elas for Elas

There are only two weeks left until the end of They for Them. Globo’s current six o’clock soap opera will have many revelations in the next chapters, especially in the week between April 1st and 6th, involving characters like Ísis (Rayssa Brattilieri).

Rayssa Brattilieri in Elas por Elas

Check out three plot mysteries that will be resolved soon:

Who killed Bruno in Elas por Elas?

From Monday’s chapter (1), Mário (Lázaro Ramos) will gather his friends at the house in the mountains to reenact the death of Bruno (Luan Argollo). Upon arrival, Helena will be accused of being the murderer.

Worried, Sérgio (Marcos Caruso) will decide to go after his daughter. The rich man will arrive at the scene and try to interrupt the reconstruction of the crime.

At that moment, Natália will have new memories: it was Sérgio who pushed Bruno over the cliff. The veteran will deny it, saying that he was out of the country that day, but will be denied by Adriana (Thalita Carauta). She will state that Sérgio was in town that day and will say that the two spent the night together.

Who is Isis’s father in Elas por Elas?

In this way, the second secret to be revealed is linked to the first: confirming that she was with Sérgio, Adriana will also tell that Isis is his daughter and that, therefore, Helena is the sister of her great enemy.

After the revelation, the vixen will be shocked by the discovery, while Isis will forgive her mother for hiding the fact.

Who are Giovanni’s biological parents in Elas por Elas?

Another character who will have a mystery solved will be Giovanni (Filipe Bragança), whose life will also undergo a major twist. And the person who will help him discover this stop will be none other than Cris (Valentina Herszage), who does community service in a home that houses the elderly.

There, she will meet Adelaide (Esther Góes) and learn the patient’s entire story. The young woman will connect the dots and discover that the veteran is Giovanni’s biological grandmother – the boy discovered, throughout the plot, who his real mother was, but she was already dead.

After the discovery, Cris will introduce Adelaide to Giovanni. They will meet in an exciting scene in next Saturday’s episode (6). This way, Giovanni will finally meet a relative of his biological family.

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