Palworld announces dating simulator as April 1st joke


Credits: Disclosure/Pocketpair

Getting into the spirit of April 1st, developer Pocketpair published this Monday the announcement trailer for Palworld – More than Just Pals. The “new game” transforms the franchise into a dating simulator, in which creatures with humanoid characteristics need to live together in a typically Japanese school environment.

The fake game tells the story of Katress, a mysterious foreign student who possesses magical powers. The intention is to tell the story of her relationship with a “cute and shy boy”, who changes his characteristics if provoked. All this, of course, maintaining the franchise’s setting.

Palworld – More than Just Pals also promises an older student who is supposedly seductive but appears quite frightening. Interestingly, animals are not the only stars of the production, which also has a human student known as Zoe in its cast.

Palworld – More than Just Pals promises adult version

To complete the game (and leave many furry fans excited), Pocket Pair promises that your dating simulator will also get an uncensored adult version. However, shortly afterwards she confirms that Palworld – More than Just Pals is nothing more than a joke and is not in production.

Palworld announces dating simulator as April 1st joke
Photo: Disclosure/Pocketpair

At the same time, it wouldn’t be surprising if the game ends up becoming a reality in the future. In 2023, SEGA decided to take advantage of April 1st to kill its biggest character and launch the adventure The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog, which remains free to download on Steam.

Leaving the world of games, Pocketpair promises that it will soon launch a new update for Palworld. Recently, the studio revealed that it is already working on the adventure’s first raid and started calling for a new volunteer program that will allow players to help hunt and eliminate bugs.

Source: PC Gamer

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