New The Witcher will have elements never seen before in CDPR games

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The next The Witcher (Project Polaris) is already in full swing in early development. CD Projekt Red promises “push new limits and explore new fields” in a way they haven’t done beforeand the new game will not be an improved The Witcher 3, for example.

In a most recent meeting with investors, Michal Nowakowski, co-CEO of CDPR, said how much they intend to innovate with the new Witcher, without going into details, of course, as the launch is still far away.

When it comes to the risks of innovative elements, making a new game is always a creative risk, especially because we are trying to push new limits and explore new fields, do something we have never done before.

Michal Nowakowski, co-CEO of CDPR

The Witcher

Nowakwski states that, although Project Polaris is not an improved version of Geralt of Rivia’s last adventure, the new game will follow what the franchise has established with the three titles already released.

“What I’m saying is that you shouldn’t expect a The Witcher 3 with a new look, something like that. Of course, we are building on the shoulders of what came before and what we learned, but we will add new gameplay elements and new mechanics that you haven’t seen in previous games”, adds the executive.

I would say that doing things like this is always a risk. It’s not just repeating what was done before.

Michal Nowakowski, co-CEO of CDPR

CDPR has 3 The Witcher in development

The Witcher franchise has three projects in parallel at the moment. From CD Projekt Red is the next main title, which is in the pre-production stage and should be the first to arrive.

The Witcher 3

“Project Sirius” is a multiplayer-focused title developed by The Molasses Flood, which has had development problems in the recent past. That title is also in pre-production.

Closing the trio is the remake of the first The Witcher, which is in the hands of Fool’s Theory, which has The Thaumaturge as the most recent title released in March. This is the project that will take the longest to arrive, as it is still in the concept stage.

For the next main title in The Witcher franchise, CD Projekt Red has already allocated around 400 employees and this will now be the Polish studio’s biggest focus.

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