These are the 10 goalkeepers who kept the most clean sheets in Brazil

These are the 10 goalkeepers who kept the most clean sheets in Brazil
These are the 10 goalkeepers who kept the most clean sheets in Brazil

The page Football in Numbers on Instagram he did a survey on the ten goalkeepers who kept the most clean sheets in the history of Brazilian football. A large part of the list is made up of athletes from the 70s and 80s with respected names such as Emerson Leão, formerCorinthians It is Palm trees, Zetti, among other big names forming this select group. The only more contemporary representative in the ranking is Agustín Rossi, goalkeeper who defends the Flamengoa team coached by Tite and which has not known what it is like to concede a single goal in official games since January 21st.

On that occasion, the Rio team drew 1-1 against Nova Iguaçustill in the second round of the Carioca Championship and from then on it was no longer leaked. Rossi was not part of Flamengo’s entire run without conceding goals, but as the team’s starter, he was naturally the one who benefited most from this team’s good defensive phase. The Argentine is tenth on the list of the least leaked goalkeepers in the history of Brazilian football.

It is important to highlight that football has undergone drastic changes, becoming more organized on the field, which makes it more difficult for attacks to work in relation to defenses. However, it is interesting to note that even at a time when the sport was more concerned with scoring goals than defending, most of the goalkeepers mentioned in this list reached their teams’ goals during the period they were on the field.

10 goalkeepers who kept the most clean sheets in Brazil

  1. Mazaropi – Vasco da Gama – 1816 minutes
  2. Neneca – Nautical – 1636 minutes
  3. Jorge Reis – Rio Branco-ES – 1604 minutes
  4. Zetti – Palmeiras – 1287 minutes
  5. Jairo – Corinthians – 1132 minutes
  6. Emerson Conceição – Paysandu – 1108 minutes
  7. Altevir Sales – Athletico Paranaense – 1066 minutes
  8. Eli Graciano – EC São Bernardo – 1060 minutes
  9. Leão – Palmeiras – 1057 minutes
  10. Rossi – Flamengo – 1055 minutes

Agustín Rossi – Flamengo – 2024 – 1055 minutes

Flamengo’s starting goalkeeper has played 11 games this season and has not conceded a goal so far. Coming from Boca Juniors in 2023, the player had a quick spell at Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia in the first half of last year and since arriving in Rio de Janeiro he has been a man of Tite’s confidence in front of the Rio club’s goal.

So far, Rossi has made 17 saves, maintaining an average of at least one important intervention per game. It is true that the Flamengo team’s defensive system helps the goalkeeper not suffer during games, but when he needed to step in, he fulfilled his role well with 1055 minutes without conceding goals.

Flamengo makes its debut in Libertadores 2024 this Tuesday (2), against Millonarios from Colombiaaway from home, and if Rossi doesn’t concede a goal and participates in the entire match, he could reach the mark of more than 1100 minutes without being leaked and reach the top five on the list.

Leão – Palmeiras – 1973 – 1057 minutes

Emerson Leão was the starting goalkeeper for the Brazilian team in the 1974 and 1978 World Cups, and between 1968 and 1978, he wore the Palmeiras shirt in one of the São Paulo club’s most victorious moments. In the period known as the second academy, Leão spent 1057 minutes without conceding a single goal in 1973, contributing to the club’s title win. Brazilian championship that year.

Eli Graciano – EC São Bernardo – 1982 – 1060 minutes

Esporte Clube São Bernardo, a team that currently competes in Série A3 of the Campeonato Paulista, was close to gaining access to São Paulo’s football elite, stopping in the semi-final of the competition against Bragantino. One of those responsible for this campaign was goalkeeper Eli Graciano, who spent 1060 minutes without being missed.

The goalkeeper occupies 20th place in the ranking of goalkeepers with the most minutes without conceding goals in the history of football and is ahead of important names such as Taffarel and Rogério Ceni.

Altevir Sales – Athletico Paranaense – 1977 – 1066 minutes

The former goalkeeper of Athletico Paranaense holds the record for being the goalkeeper who spent the most minutes without conceding goals in a single edition of the Campeonato Paranaense. There were 11 matches and 1066 minutes without being leaked in the 1977 edition. The streak was only broken on August 28 of that year, in the 1-0 defeat to Grêmio Maringá, with an own goal scored by Belga.

Despite the feat, Athletico Paranaense did not win the state title, which was in the hands of Grêmio Maringá, who beat Coritiba in the grand final.

Emerson Conceição – Paysandu – 2016 – 1108 minutes

Recognized goalkeeper at Toledo do Paraná and with spells at Mirassol and Guarani, Emerson Conceição caught attention in 2016, when defending Paysandu, he reached the mark of 1108 minutes without conceding goals, in 11 games played that year, two of which were in the Copa do Brasil and nine for the Brazilian Series B Championship.

Jairo – Corinthians – 1978 – 1132 minutes

Important character in the conquest of Paulista championship 1979, Jairo was also a fundamental player in the emergence of Corinthian Democracy in 1982, since two years earlier, a criticism from Vicente Mateus, then president of the club, caused the cast to form a committee to defend their teammate, who had taken a “defensible” goal according to the Corinthians leader in a defeat to Coritiba.

Jairo played 190 games for Corinthians and in 1978 he went 11 games without conceding goals in the Brazilian Championship, holding the record for the longest series without being conceded in the competition.

Zetti – Palmeiras – 1987 – 1238 minutes

São Paulo idol, Zetti was revealed in the Palm treesdefending the club Alviverde between 1983 and 1989. Despite not having won titles for the club that formed him, the goalkeeper spent 1238 minutes without conceding goals in 1987. The goalkeeper was Martorelli’s reserve and took over the team’s starting role after a childhood expulsion from his rival for the position.

Jorge Reis – Rio Branco-ES – 1970/1971 – 1604 minutes

A goalkeeper who made his mark at Rio Branco do Espírito Santo in the 1970s, Jorge Reis spent 27 hours, that is, 18 games, without conceding a single goal between 1970 and 1971. At the time, the player became known as a “world record holder”, but his brand was broken shortly after.

Neneca – Náutico – 1974 – 1636 minutes

Hélio Miguel, also known as Neneca, was Guarani’s goalkeeper when the Campinas club became the only Brazilian champion from the interior in 1978. However, four years earlier, the player born in Londrina and revealed in Paraná achieved the mark of 1636 minutes without being leaked in 18 games played, when he played for Náutico in 1974.

Such a performance was important for the Pernambuco title that year and the good performances for the club earned Neneca a place in Guarani and other important teams in Brazil such as Bragantino and Fluminense.

Mazaropi – Vasco – 1977/1978 – 1816 minutes

Holding the record for most minutes without conceding goals in the period between 1977 and 1978, Mazaropi replaced Andrada, the same goalkeeper who scored Pelé’s 1000th goal and became an idol of the club. Vasco da Gama. There were 20 unbeaten games in his goal between 1977 and 1978.

Geraldo Pereira de Matos Filho, known as Mazaropi, won the first Brazilian Championship in Vasco’s history, in 1974 he was two-time champion of the Guanabara Cup in 1976 and 1977, in addition to winning the state championship in 1977 and 1982.

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