Why ‘bullshit’ in Barcelona’s CT is an old ‘headache’

Why ‘bullshit’ in Barcelona’s CT is an old ‘headache’
Why ‘bullshit’ in Barcelona’s CT is an old ‘headache’

A video of Iñigo Martínez, defender of the Barcelonaarguing with a supposed fan at the door of the club’s training center last weekend, went viral on social media. The athlete got out of the car and shouted after being insulted. “Let this be the last time you call me stupid,” she said, with her finger raised.

What may be seen by some as aggressiveness is, however, an old ‘headache’ for the Spanish team. Last year, João Cancelo was angry when he was attacked in front of the CT, from inside the car. “You’re here every day. We’re not going to stop every day. Come on, come on, quickly,” she replied at the time. The full-back was criticized after the video was released and gave his version of what caused the irritation.

“They’re not fans. They’re 20-year-olds who are there every day, whether at the door of the training center, when I’m with my daughter in a park or even having dinner with my girlfriend. They ask for autographs on my stickers or shirts to then they are sold. And this happens every day, and always with the same people. They are people who don’t know how to respect other people’s space”, he explained at the time.

The gathering of supposed fans around the club’s facilities even caused an internal change: Barcelona even stopped announcing closed training times for a period. Players are approached not only at the main door, but also on corners, before the entrance.

Episode already led to robbery

In August 2022, striker Robert Lewandowski was the victim of a robbery when he stopped to meet fans near the CT. He rolled down the car window to sign autographs and had a R$366,000 watch taken.

A witness stated that the thief opened the car door to try to steal the athlete’s cell phone. Afterwards, the player was distracted by three people while a fourth supposed fan carried out the robbery.

Police officers managed to recover the object and arrested the suspect. Some time before, Frenkie de Jong had been harassed at the entrance to the CT. The police promised to reinforce security.

Barcelona ‘hands tied’

According to the newspaper ‘Sport’, from Spain, it is common for people at the door of the CT to jump on the hood of the athletes’ vehicles and even knock on the windows so that the players stop and assist them. If someone doesn’t stop, they usually get called names.

In 2021, then defender Samuel Umtiti, after leaving training, his car was intercepted by three fans, who shook the vehicle. The athlete went down and confronted people. “You who pay for the car? Why do you touch it? Do you know what respect is?” he said.

Barcelona has difficulty dealing with the situation as they cannot expel fans from the venue, which is often public. Athletes also have difficulty differentiating between those who are genuinely looking for an autograph or photo, and those who just want to cause chaos or have ulterior motives, such as selling autographed products.

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