Palmeiras “gives up” on Adidas and renews with Puma

Palmeiras “gives up” on Adidas and renews with Puma
Palmeiras “gives up” on Adidas and renews with Puma

O Palm trees must renew the sports equipment supply contract with the Puma from next season, when the current contract expires. According to Sports Machine found out, the alviverde team was very close to having the Adidas as a commercial partner, but some factors made it difficult to close the deal and tipped the balance in favor of the club’s current partner.

The imminent agreement with Puma was first reported by the website Nosso Palestra and confirmed by Sports Machine with sources linked to the business. The new contract will be valid for three seasons and will end a prolonged period of negotiations for Palmeiras, which, after all, managed to increase the value of its contract.

Puma ended up closing the deal by matching the offer that Adidas had made. According to what was agreed between the parties, around R$50 million per season will be paid by the manufacturer, plus a percentage of 30% in royalty payments for the sale of official products and, also, bonuses for Palmeiras’ achievements on the field that can make the contract jump to R$60 million in fixed money per season.

Adidas waver

Adidas was very close to closing with Palmeiras, but the deal fell apart due to the entry of Flamengo in the business, even if indirectly. This was crucial to the turnaround in negotiations.

When the first news leaked that Adidas was close to an agreement with Palmeiras with values ​​that could reach R$60 million per year, Flamengo, which is also a partner of the brand, decided to ask for more to renew its current contract. The red-black team, having the biggest fans in the country and having intensified its rivalry with the São Paulo team in recent years, wants to receive more than Palmeiras.

Currently, the Rio club earns between R$60 million and R$70 million, depending on the team’s income from shirt sales. If it entered this auction to dress Palmeiras, Adidas would be subject to having to further inflate its values ​​with Flamengo.

Advantage for Puma

In this context, when it seemed like it would be out of contention, Puma managed to get stronger again. This all happened about three weeks ago, just before Leila Pereirapresident of Palmeiras, embarks with the Brazilian team to be head of delegation in the friendlies against England and Spain.

The director pressured Adidas to sign the agreement, but the German brand had to back down to negotiate with Flamengo. This made Puma, who at that moment looked like a shirt outside the locker room, strengthen. A partner of Palmeiras since Adidas left in 2019, the company was once again optimistic about the deal.

According to the report from the Sports Machine, Leila Pereira scheduled a meeting with Puma executives as soon as she returned from her trip with the Brazilian team. The meeting served to make the final adjustments to the proposal and brought the current partners even closer to reaching an agreement.

The renewal contract has not yet been signed. Palmeiras has to make a decision by the middle of the year so that the sports equipment company has time to design and make the outfits for the next season. After last week’s meeting, the most likely agreement is with Puma, which would complete at least eight years of partnership with the club.

When contacted, Palmeiras, Puma and Adidas did not want to comment officially.

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