Hulk cites aspect that Milito will ‘draw attention’ from players < In Attack

Hulk cites aspect that Milito will ‘draw attention’ from players < In Attack
Hulk cites aspect that Milito will ‘draw attention’ from players < In Attack
Hulk scored one of Atlético’s goals in the draw with Cruzeiro
(photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA.Press)

Hulk can already imagine what one of coach Gabriel Milito’s “scoldings” will be after Atlético’s 2-2 draw with Cruzeiro, this Saturday (30/3), at Arena MRV, in the final of the Campeonato Mineiro.

In an interview in the mixed zone, after the match, the Atletico number 7 praised the Argentine’s debut in charge of Galo. Despite this, he regretted that the team conceded the draw after taking a two-goal lead.

“We gave up playing football. In the first half we were very confident, we made beautiful plays. That wasn’t what happened in the second half. We give up the best we have. And it’s natural for the opposing team to grow, because they notice that our team has stopped playing. This cannot happen, we have to try to maintain the rhythm throughout the 90 minutes,” he said.

Furthermore, Hulk praised Gabriel Milito’s understanding of the game and planned a conversation from the coach to correct the lack of attention throughout the matches.

“Let’s work on it. Gabi showed that he has a lot of good ideas, he understands a lot about football. I’m sure we’ll improve this in the next games, we’ll be much better”, he began.

“A sign that we have good things to take advantage of, as was the first half today. It’s just the first game, it’s natural for there to be misunderstanding there, a little inattention. I’m sure Gabi and his entire team will review it and draw attention, because this can’t happen”, he continued.

Finally, Hulk highlighted how Atlético was already able to demonstrate aspects worked on by Milito in the coach’s debut.

“We worked a lot on this during the week. In such a short time you see our team playing, participating, with rehearsed plays, and this shows that it has great potential to grow even more”, he concluded.

Atlético’s next games

Atlético returns to the field to face Caracas on Thursday, at 7pm, at the Olympic Stadium, in Caracas, Venezuela, for the debut of the group stage in the Copa Libertadores.

The second leg of the Mineiro final is scheduled for 3:30 pm on Sunday, at Mineirão.

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