Back in MotoGP, Brivio explains how he will take advantage of his F1 experience

Back in MotoGP, Brivio explains how he will take advantage of his F1 experience
Back in MotoGP, Brivio explains how he will take advantage of his F1 experience

After three years with the Alpine team in Formula 1, Davide Brivio returned to MotoGP in 2024 to be Team Principal of the Trackhouse Aprilia team. Having played several roles in the French F1 team, he believes that his learning will be of great value to the new project.

“There are ideas that I thought of when I was in MotoGP, like certain ways of organizing the pits and the way the engineering team works, that I saw materialized there,” Brivio said on the MotoGP podcast.

“There are ideas that can be taken from the way the team works, the mechanics and the way the engineers interact with each other.”

“And then it was also interesting to see aspects from the organization and promoter side, how they manage the championship, what the relationship is like between the teams and the promoter.”

“There are good things and bad things. But it’s interesting to see everything. Sometimes people say we should see what F1 does, but it’s not about copying and pasting. However, I think there are some ideas that could inspire us and that we could transfer here. But there are also things that they think are good in Formula 1 and are better in MotoGP. It’s very interesting that the two worlds talk.”

“In addition to seeing how the teams talk to each other, how work is organized in the pits and everything else, I probably came back with a different mentality in some aspects, more in priorities and less in details.”

“What is the priority? Win races, be successful. Okay, and what does it take to achieve this? You have to do these things. Before, maybe I was more interested in the details, in what people say or think. This is important. But we have to try to go more directly to the objective, be more focused on the objective and prioritize what is important”.

Brivio returns in an unprecedented project in MotoGP, at the head of a NASCAR team that arrives in the paddock in 2024.

“Trackhouse is very interested in MotoGP to try to understand it better, and we want to try to get the best from both sides. There are things that aren’t done in NASCAR like they are in MotoGP, and they look at MotoGP and think it would be cool to do this or that. And maybe we can take things from their experience too.”

“So I’m very curious to see how the two worlds can benefit from each other. How the Trackhouse in MotoGP can benefit from the Trackhouse in NASCAR and vice versa. I also work closely with the people at NASCAR, we talk and I think it’s interesting, even from my personal point of view. I intend to go see a race as soon as possible to try to see what we can get out of them and the same for them”, concluded Brivio.

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