Corinthians imposes overwhelming defeat on SKA Brasil and assumes leadership of Paulista Feminino

Corinthians imposes overwhelming defeat on SKA Brasil and assumes leadership of Paulista Feminino
Corinthians imposes overwhelming defeat on SKA Brasil and assumes leadership of Paulista Feminino

This Thursday, at Arena Barueri, Corinthians imposed an overwhelming defeat over SKA Brasil in the fourth round of the Paulistão Feminino. With a devastating score of 12 to 0, the alvinegro team did not give the opponent a chance, demonstrating its superiority on the field.

With the result, Corinthians surpasses rival Santos and returns to the top of the leaderboard. Arthur Elias’ men remain undefeated in the tournament, with ten points, three wins and a draw – an 83.3% use of the points played so far.

This was the first confrontation between the teams in the history of the modality. After all, SKA Brasil is only in its third year of women’s football and gained access to the first division of Paulistão for the first time, after winning the Special Division in 2022.

Alvinegra schedule: the next confrontation between the alvinegras players is scheduled to take place this weekend. On Sunday, May 28, Brabas will face Atlético Mineiro, at 11am, at Estádio Municipal Primeiro de Maio.


Arthur Elias still couldn’t count on Ellen, Érika and Gabi Portilho, the three handed over to Timão’s medical department. The commander, moreover, once again gave chances to athletes who had not been playing, such as Mary, Andressa, Paulinha, Grazi and Carol Tavares.

With that, Corinthians’ initial team, again in formation 433, was composed of Mary Camilo; Paulinha, Tarciane, Andressa and Isabela; Ju Ferreira, Grazi and Carol Tavares; Jaqueline, Vic Albuquerque and Millene.

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SKA Brasil, in turn, went to the field with Tchelly; Clara, Bianca, Vic and Nica; Mari, Thalita, Kelly, Lary and Gabi Soares; Belinha.

The game

First time

In a dominant performance, Corinthians did not give Ska Brasil chances in the first half and applied a real massacre, with an impressive score of 8 to 0. The alvinegro team, then, showed all its offensive strength and made it clear who commanded the actions in field.

The opening minutes were used by the Parque São Jorge club to explore their attacking field. And, just after two minutes, Paulinha scored with a header for Vic Albuquerque, who cleared it for his left leg and kicked it over the SKA Brasil defense.

Corinthians’ first goal came in the seventh minute. On the occasion, Ju Ferreira threw a beautiful ball to Jaqueline, who entered the area, the attacker made a cushioned domain, took Tchelly from goalkeeper and sent a low kick in the corner.

Needing to score goals, Timão kept squeezing and thus reached the opponent’s nets once again. At 14, Jaque made a heel pass to Isabela, the side left it to Vic to put the toe of the boot to take it from the goalkeeper and score.

And the third goal of the Brabas followed, in the 17th minute. After the ball passed from foot to foot in front of the SKA Brasil area, Millene received it in the middle, turned around and added a strong finish from outside in the corner of the goal.

Vic asserted Corinthians’ artillery and was responsible for scoring the team’s fourth goal – the player’s second in the match. At 25 minutes, in a corner kick, Carol Tavares sent the number 17 shirt to arrive with a header.

Even with the elastic scoreboard, Arthur Elias’ men remained with the high lines and reached the fifth goal. This time, at 29, Jaqueline scored with her head, Grazi dominated with her right foot and sent her left foot into the nets of the rival team.

At the end of the stage, at 40 minutes, Jaqueline extended the white-and-white advantage. In the move, Millene was leading through the middle, won the opponent’s marking and returned with a heel for the number 30 shirt to arrive hitting the goal first.

At 44 minutes, Millene scored Timão’s seventh. In a new move built in the middle, Ju Ferreira designed the passage of the number 14 shirt, handed it to his partner and the attacker, very coolly, just pushed in the corner of goalkeeper Tchelly.

When the first half seemed to be defined, Vic Albuquerque, in an inspired night, appeared to close the stage at 8 to 0. In the last minute, at 46, Carol Tavares went deep and crossed the attacker’s head, who tested the ground and the ball went in deflected.

Second time

In the second half, even though the pace slowed down, Corinthians maintained their absolute dominance and increased their advantage even further, scoring four more goals. The Brabas consolidated a convincing victory against an opponent that could do little to contain the Corinthian force.

Corinthians came back wanting to expand the score even further. At two minutes, still in a strong pressure alvinegra, Carol Tavares took the right and put in the head of Millene, who tested very close to the goal defended by goalkeeper Tchelly.

And, after just five minutes, came Timão’s ninth goal. The move was created by Isabela, who took it to the bottom on the right and crossed, Vic Albuquerque anchored and left it to Millene. The number 14 shirt then cut to the right leg and puffed out the angle.

Grazi scored Corinthians’ tenth goal. In the 15th minute, in a new move from foot to foot, Millene cleared the defense of SKA Brasil and sent a beautiful pass to the Timão veteran, who, without an appointment, was left alone in the area and just pushed.

Thinking about the next match, against Atlético-MG, Arthur Elias made five changes at once: the additions of Duda Sampaio, Giovanna Campiolo, Fernanda, Carol Nogueira and Miriã. Despite the changes, Corinthians continued to impose their strength and had a goal disallowed in the 27th minute.

Defender Andressa also participated in the Corinthians rout. At 31 minutes, after a corner kick, the ball was deflected to the left, Fernanda took the leftover and raised it for the defender to head with great category to Tchelly’s nets.

The last goal for the Brabas happened in the 37th minute of the match and was scored again by Jaqueline. On the occasion, Carol Nogueira received the long ball on the right, carried it to the area and sent a trivela pass for shirt number 30 to arrive, pushing the goal first.

Corinthians 12 x 0 SKA Brasil technical sheet

Competition: Paulista Women’s Championship
Local: Arena Barueri, Barueri, SP
Date: May 25, 2023 (Thursday)
Schedule: 19:00 (from Brasilia)
Referee: Matheus Delgado Candançan
Assistants: Matheus Guilherme Biselli da Cruz and Leandra Aires Cossette
Goals: Andressa, Grazi (twice), Jaqueline (three times), Vic Albuquerque (three times), Millene (three times) (Corinthians)

CORINTHIANS: Mary Camilo; Paulinha (Diany), Tarciane (Giovanna Campiolo), Andressa and Isabela (Miriã); Ju Ferreira (Duda Sampaio), Grazi and Carol Tavares; Jaqueline, Vic Albuquerque (Carol Nogueira) and Millene (Fernanda).
Technician: Arthur Elias

SKA BRAZIL: Tchelly; Clara (Fernanda Melo), Bianca (Jhojho), Vic and Nica (Liandra); Mari, Thalita (Ana Bia), Kelly, Lary (Pards) and Gabi Soares; Belinha (Duda Bagli).
Technician: Spot

See more at: Women’s Corinthians and Paulista Championship.

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