All about the King of The House of the Dragon

As he was not yet that old when his wife passed away, the king is advised to remarry. The main point for this is Laena Velaryonbut the king marries Alicent Hightower.

While his brother wars against the Triarchy, Viserys is unconcerned with the conflict in the Steps. Instead, he must deal with the situation in his own home, as after the birth of his children with Alicent, he refuses to change the succession and declare another heir, keeping Rhaenyra in the position.

This creates friction between them, as well as between the Hand of the King and the monarch. Otto Hightower is so insistent that Viserys ends up withdrawing his position and sending him back to the Reach. Lyonel Strongthe lord of Harrenhal, is chosen as the new Hand.

During a tournament to celebrate five years of Viserys and Alicent’s marriage, Daemon returned to court. Offering the crown he had taken for himself as King of Steps and the Narrow Sea to his brother, Daemon won Viserys’ forgiveness. Despite this, six months later the two had another major disagreement, which led to the monarch exiling his brother from King’s Landing again.

Although it is unclear why, it is indicated that rumors said the prince had taken Rhaenyra’s virginity. The king’s new hand would have advised the furious Viserys to execute his brother for treason, but Septon Eustace intervened, reminding the Council that the murder of kin was one of the gravest crimes anyone could commit.

While he was alive, the king did everything he could to stop the quarrels between the “greens”supporters of Queen Alicent, and the “black”, supporters of Princess Rhaenyra. Because he loved them both, he insisted on keeping the peace, and countless times he forced both sides to apologize for the hostility between them.

Viserys declined the idea of ​​marrying Rhaenyra to her eldest son, Aegon, as the age difference between them was too great. He married his daughter Laenor Velaryondespite her initial protests and the need to threaten to change the succession for her to accept.

His and Alicent’s fourth child was born in the same year as Rhaenyra’s first child, Jacaerys. Aiming to instill closeness between the two and their families, Viserys arranged for them to have the same Wet Nurse.

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