‘US$100 billion club’ has Indian and owner of Zara

‘US$100 billion club’ has Indian and owner of Zara
‘US$100 billion club’ has Indian and owner of Zara

See who is part of the billionaire elite, with more than US$100 billion:

Bernard ArnaultCEO of LVMH, controller of the fashion house Louis Vuitton (US$233 billion or R$1.1 trillion)
Elon MuskCEO of Tesla ($195 billion or R$987 billion)
Jeff Bezosfounder of Amazon ($194 billion or R$982 billion)
Mark Zuckerbergco-founder of Meta (US$177 billion or R$896 billion)
Larry Ellisonco-founder of Oracle (US$141 billion or R$714 billion)
Warren Buffettmega-investor ($133 billion or R$673 billion)
bill Gatesfounder of Microsoft (US$128 billion or R$648 billion)
Steve Ballmerformer CEO of Microsoft (US$121 billion or R$612 billion)
Mukesh Ambanifounder of Reliance Industries ($116 billion or R$587 billion)
Larry Pageco-founder of Google ($114 billion or R$577 billion)
Sergio Brimfrom Google (US$110 billion or R$557 billion)
Michael Bloombergfrom Bloomberg ($106 billion or R$537 billion)
Amancio Ortegafrom Inditex (US$103 billion or R$521 billion)
Carlos Slimfrom América Móvil (US$102 billion or R$516 billion)

Who joined the ‘club’

The “US$100 billion club” list came with five new features, compared to last year’s edition: Mukesh Ambani, Indian tycoon, Amancio Ortega, Spanish businessman, Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft, Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg LP, and Carlos Slim, Mexican businessman.

Ambani, with US$116 billion, and Spanish businessman Amancio Ortega, with US$103 billion, were included in this select list of billionaires in positions number 9 and 13, respectively. Ballmer, Bloomberg and Slim came in 8th, 12th and 14th positions.

According to Forbes, Ambani became the first Asian member of the $100 billion wealth club this year. This would have happened thanks to the appreciation of the shares of his conglomerate, Reliance Industries.

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