Rapporteur’s vote “exposes persecution” against Moro, says Dallagnol

Rapporteur’s vote “exposes persecution” against Moro, says Dallagnol
Rapporteur’s vote “exposes persecution” against Moro, says Dallagnol

Former deputy states that there is a difference in treatment between “other politicians and those who worked in Lava Jato”

Former federal deputy Deltan Dallagnol (Novo-PR) praised on Monday (April 1, 2024) the vote of the rapporteur of the actions against senator Sergio Moro (União Brasil) in the TRE-PR (Regional Electoral Court) of Paraná. Judge Luciano Carrasco Falavinha spoke out against the congressman’s impeachment and ineligibility. For the former prosecutor, the opinion “exposes the system’s persecution against” who worked in the Lava Jato operation.

“The rapporteur’s vote against the impeachment of senator Sergio Moro is historic. It exposes the system’s persecution against those who fought corruption, exposes the double standard of treatment between other politicians and those who worked in Lava Jato and reminds us that punishments depend on legal provisions”, declared in his https://twitter.com/deltanmd/status/1774913027915038881 on X (formerly Twitter).

After more than two hours of voting, Falavinha said he did not have enough evidence to justify the loss of his mandate

“There is no minimum evidence of the crimes of electoral misappropriation, falsehood for electoral purposes (electoral ‘slush fund’, art. 350, CE), money laundering, gang formation, among other common and electoral crimes raised by investigators in their initial petitions and closing arguments”, concluded the rapporteur. Here is the full vote (PDF – 1 MB).

Voting was suspended on Monday (1st April) after judge José Rodrigo Sade asked for more time to analyze the process following the rapporteur’s vote. It was established that the case will return to trial on Wednesday (April 3).

The president of TRE-PR, judge Sigurd Roberto Bengtsson, reserved 3 sessions for the trial of the action. The analysis is expected to be completed on April 8 or 9.

The trial will resume with the vote of José Rodrigo Sade. Below is the voting order:

  • judge Cláudia Cristina Cristofani;
  • judge Julio Jacob Junior;
  • judge Anderson Ricardo Fogaça;
  • judge Guilherme Frederico Hernandes Denz; It is
  • judge Sigurd Roberto Bengtsson – president of TRE-PR.

The article is in Portuguese

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