Gal Costa: understand what his son and widow say about the day of the singer’s death and inheritance

Gal Costa: understand what his son and widow say about the day of the singer’s death and inheritance
Gal Costa: understand what his son and widow say about the day of the singer’s death and inheritance

Gabriel Costason of Gal CostaIt is Wilma Petrilloformer manager and widow of the singer, gave interviews to the Fantastic which aired this Sunday, 31st, on Globo. Recently, he challenged his mother’s former manager’s right to inheritance, and even asked for her body to be exhumed.

At one point, reporter Renata Ceribelli asks Gabriel: “Do you have any suspicions regarding Wilma?” The young man is emphatic: “None. I don’t imagine she could have done anything about my mother. I don’t think she would get to that point.”

Gal Costa in photo from November 1983 Photograph: Domício Pinheiro/Estadão

Regarding the day of Gal Costa’s death, Gabriel reports: “I stayed with my mother in the living room, watching TV for a while with her. She was fine, calm. But she asked us to go up. And the three of us went up. Me, Wilma and my mother. Wilma and I made her tea.”

Then, the singer’s son continued: “I went to my mother’s room to say good night to her. But then Wilma said that she wasn’t well, she had chills, she had vomited, and that she had already been given medicine. I stayed there with her for a while and went to sleep.”

“At about 4:30 or 5 in the morning, I was woken up by Wilma. She called me into the room to help her put my mother to bed. She was between the headboard and the bed. I really thought she was sleeping, that it ended up falling while she was sleeping. But then I went to call her, called, called, called… When I saw that my mother wasn’t responding I started to get a little more desperate.”

Wilma Petrillo and Gabriel Gosto spoke about Gal Costa in an interview with ‘Fantástico’ Photograph: Reproduction of ‘Fantástico’ (2024)/TV Globo

“She was starting to get cold, pale, her mouth was purple. I called SAMU. They attended to me and said: ‘do some procedures, cardiac massage’ until they arrived and nothing. But then Wilma said: ‘It’s taking too long. Call him [Albert] Einstein, call the Syrian[-Libanês, dois hospitais de São Paulo]. I called them both”, continued Gabriel Costa.

“They started talking between doctors, I started crying a lot. I heard he died and I left, because I needed to breathe. I don’t know what happened, but my mother stayed there, in her bed, dead, until the day she was taken to be buried.”

Wilma Petrillo, widow of Gal Costa, reported: “I arrived in the room, she looked at me with sad eyes. I was a little breathless, you know? I said, ‘Are you okay?’. She said she was very cold. Then I put that thermal blanket. She stayed quiet, curled up.”

“She woke up, I said, ‘Are you better’? ‘I am’. Then she laid her head on my shoulder and said: ‘So it’s going to be like this’. You will stay with me until… until… I no longer know how to live without you. As she said she was sick, when she turned over in bed, I thought she was going to vomit. I called Gabriel to turn her around. I put my hand here, she didn’t respond, she didn’t have a pulse”, continued the businesswoman.

Wilma Petrillo, former businesswoman who claims to be Gal Costa’s widow, in an interview with ‘Fantástico’ Photograph: Reproduction of ‘Fantástico’ (2024)/TV Globo

Gal Costa’s body did not undergo an autopsy

Regarding the failure to perform an autopsy, Wilma explained: “The doctor said: ‘Do you want to do an autopsy?’. Then I remembered that we had seen a program on television about autopsies, autopsies, and Gal said: ‘God forbid if one day I have to leave and they have to do this to me’. Because it was quite aggressive. And I said: ‘I don’t want an autopsy’”.

The singer’s son highlighted discomfort with the decision: “There was no autopsy, so there was no way of knowing if it was something deeper, something more than cardiac arrest. [Isso me levou a pedir a exumação] because I wanted to be sure if that was really it.”

Gabriel Costa, son of Gal Costa, in an interview with ‘Fantástico’ Photograph: Reproduction of ‘Fantástico’ (2024)/TV Globo

Where Gal Costa is buried

Regarding Gal Costa’s burial place – another point that raised controversy – Wilma Petrillo stated: “As she had São Paulo citizenship, but not just because of that, because she liked São Paulo. She liked it more than me. She was part of my family. She was part of my family. She is in a tomb that belongs to my family.”

The singer’s son questions the decision, and believes that the body should be transferred to Rio de Janeiro: “That’s what my mother wanted. For me [ela] no [falou sobre o tema]. But we have thousands of people who can prove this, friends, family… She made this tomb for her and her mother, my grandmother, to stay there. It was a promise she made to my uncle, my mother’s brother.”

The relationship between Gal Costa and Wilma Petrillo

Gabriel also explained the accusations that Wilma was not Gal Costa’s widow, but just his former manager: “Yes, they had a very brief relationship. Very brief. And she became my mother’s manager, really. They started living together. But without any type of relationship other than friendship and work.”

Asked if there was a possibility that Gal would not want to make the relationship explicit to her son, he replied: “I don’t think so. Because every day they fought. Every day they fought badly.” Asked if it was a toxic relationship, he was direct: “Yes, definitely.”

“My mother was a very good person, so she couldn’t leave Wilma because Wilma had nowhere to go, too. So Wilma stayed with us”, continued the artist’s son.

Wilma, in turn, highlighted that the two “never” stopped being a couple, and that they had a “very” harmonious relationship: “We hardly ever fought”.

Gabriel Costa also stated that Wilma asked him to call her mother only after Gal’s death: “Because she wanted me to stay close to her. [Para] have power over the inheritance. Just so she can be an heir with me, so she can get a percentage of the money.”

Regarding having signed a document recognizing the stable union between them, she stated that she took the action out of pressure: “She told me that she was supposed to take care of us, that she needed to help me, she was putting things in my head, talking about this explanation, which was good thing. I said: ‘I’ll think about it’, but she always rushed me, put pressure on me to sign.”

Old photo of Wilma Petrillo alongside Gal Costa shown in a ‘Fantástico’ call on March 30, 2024, on Globo Photograph: Reproduction of ‘Fantástico’ (2024)/TV Globo

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