Alexandre de Moraes creates TSE secret service for election

Alexandre de Moraes creates TSE secret service for election
Alexandre de Moraes creates TSE secret service for election

Intelligence Nucleus will be composed of the minister himself and 3 lieutenant colonels from the PMs of Brasília, Minas and Bahia

The president of the TSE, Alexandre de Moraes, issued an ordinance creating the Court’s Intelligence Nucleus to “collect data and process information of interest to public security during the 2022 election period”. It will be a kind of secret service of the Superior Electoral Court.

Ordinance 833 (complete — 12 KB) was signed on Tuesday (30.Aug.2022) and published today, Thursday (1st.set). The Intelligence Nucleus is composed of the following members, as indicated in the TSE ordinance:

I – President: Minister Alexandre de Moraes, president of the TSE:
II – Representatives of the TSE:
The. Marco Antonio Martin Vargas, executive secretary;
B. Eduardo de Oliveira Tagliaferro;
ç. Roberto Allegretti.
II – CNCG Representatives:
The. Ten.-Cel. PMDF Waldicharbel Gomes Moreira;
B. Ten.-Cel. PMMG Lázaro Tavares de Melo da Silva;
ç. Ten.-Cel. PMBA Jose Luis Santos Silva.

CNCG is the National Council of Commanders-General of Military Police and Military Fire Brigades, security bodies subordinated to state and Federal District governments.

Article 3 of the TSE ordinance says that the new body will produce reports and will have its form of action “defined by its president”, that is, Alexandre de Moraes.

The decision of the president of the TSE, according to the Power 360, caused strangeness in existing intelligence bodies. At the federal level, Brazil has Abin (Brazilian Intelligence Agency), the central body of the Brazilian Intelligence System (Sisbin). Federal decree 4,376 of 2002 regulated the operation of Sisbin. In 2013, Decree 8,149 expanded the scope of this system, bringing the number of federal public bodies dealing with information collection to 19.

To set up the TSE’s own system, Alexandre de Moraes held a meeting with PM commanders from all over Brazil on August 24th. The meeting was organized to create a direct line between the Electoral Justice and information services of the States, so that the TSE is independent of bodies controlled by the federal government.

Alexandre de Moraes considered it necessary to have his own secret service so as not to depend on Abin and Sisbin, whose operations are heavily influenced by members of the Armed Forces. The president of the TSE wants to prepare himself to react to possible attacks against the electoral system.

As President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) has been one of the great critics of the use of electronic voting machines without improvements that allow additional audits to those that already exist, Moraes believes that with the Intelligence Nucleus he will leave the Electoral Justice well informed to react when necessary.

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