Record presenter is robbed and cries live


João Fernandes, anchor of Morning Mailfrom TV Correio, a Record affiliate in Paraíba, burst into tears live this Tuesday, the 2nd. The presenter suffered an attempted robbery on his way to work. His car was shot.

Shaken, the journalist explained that he was approached by three armed criminals. The crime, as he reported, occurred in the capital Paraibana, João Pessoa.

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“In the early hours of the morning on Rui Carneiro, near the Brisa Mar neighborhood, here in the capital, three criminals invaded the road to try to stop the vehicles that were passing along the avenue in an attempt to rob them”, reported the presenter, during the news broadcast. “But there is one detail in this story: the person who was passing by was me.”

The presenter explained that he was scared by the situation. Therefore, he accelerated the vehicle during the attempted robbery. “I only saw the three coming in front of me, one of them was armed,” he said. “At the time, I didn’t know what to do, I just accelerated the car. That’s when I heard a shot. When the robbery doesn’t work out, they shoot out of pure malice.”

João Fernandes also showed his car after the shooting, which had shattered glass. He was grateful for having escaped the incident with his life. “After what happened, all I thought about was my family.”

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The presenter ended his speech by saying that he was almost hit by the shot and that the assailant who aimed at him was a minor.

Record presenter reports attempted robbery

Check out, below, the moment in which presenter João Fernandes, from the Record TV affiliate in Paraíba, tells the story of an attempted robbery in João Pessoa. In the midst of reportwarns: he was the victim of crime.

Magazine West, with information from State Agency

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