Bridge over Rio Marinho will be closed this Wednesday (03)


The Department of Buildings and Highways of Espírito Santo (DER-ES) informs residents of the Vila Velha and Cariacica region that, starting this Wednesday (03), the bridge over the Rio Marinho will be closed. The closure is necessary, as the existing bridge will be demolished to build a new one.

The bridge over the Rio Marinho will be rebuilt to improve macro-drainage, through the work of the Stormwater Pumping Stations (EBAP’s), and more than R$1.3 million will be invested in its construction. The deadline for executing the services is 180 days.

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As a detour, DER-ES suggests two options to drivers: return from Avenida Papa João XXIII to the Main Square of Cobilândia, exiting via Rua José Patrocínio (bridge recently opened by DER); or continue along Avenida Papa João XXIII, towards Rodovia Leste-Oeste, leaving on Rua Desengano (accessing Rodovia Leste-Oeste). A walkway was also built at the site so that pedestrians do not need to take the detours suggested to drivers.

“The new bridge will have a pedestrian walkway with guardrails, in addition to two lanes (two-way), thus improving traffic conditions and safety for pedestrians. It is the State Government investing in the mobility and security of Espírito Santo”, highlighted the director-president of DER-ES, José Eustáquio de Freitas


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