Robinho’s defense files a second habeas corpus with the STF


The defense of former football player Robinho filed a new request for freedom at the Federal Supreme Court (STF) this Tuesday (2).

Robinho was arrested on March 21, in Santos, to begin serving the nine-year sentence defined by the Italian Court, where the former player was convicted of involvement in the rape of a woman, which occurred inside a nightclub in Milan. , in 2013.

The sentence was carried out after the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) approved the Italian sentence against Robinho and ordered his immediate arrest.

For Robinho’s defense, the former player must await the trial of the appeal filed to annul the STJ’s decision.

“The rule does not authorize the transfer of the execution of the sentence, only dealing with the possibility of the national being tried in his country of origin, in honor of the principle of extraterritoriality of criminal law”, argued the lawyers.

Last month, Minister Luiz Fux, from the Supreme Court, denied the first habeas corpus filed by the defense to avoid arrest.

Robinho is imprisoned in the Tremembé penitentiary complex, known as the “famous penitentiary”. Among the inmates there are Alexandre Nardoni, Cristian Cravinhos, Gil Rugai, former doctor Roger Abdelmassih, among others.

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