registration and requirements for free license

registration and requirements for free license
registration and requirements for free license

The Pernambuco State Traffic Department (Detran – PE) provides 20 thousand vacancies in the program CNH Social PE 2024 that comes to benefit farmers in the interior of Pernambuco, with CNH Rural.

The program CNH Socialfrom the Federal Government, in the State of Pernambuco, has been working with Detran-PE with the CNH Rural PEwhich will provide rural workers the chance to take the free license.

Detran-PE emphasizes that the Program Rural CNH is destined, exclusively, to family farmers in the state of Pernambucowhich comply with the defined criteria, different from the Popular CNHaimed at unemployed people and people benefiting from assistance programs such as Bolsa Família, which Registration is not currently open.

The program PE RURAL CNH is initiative essential for those who live in Countrysidewhether for travel or transport of agricultural production.

Driver Training Centers (CFCs) interested in providing services for the program PE RURAL CNH must look for one of the Detran-PE units for accreditation.

Until when can I register for the CNH Rural PE?

O registration continues until the day April 6, 2024.

Where can I register for the CNH Rural PE?

The interested should be register via the website from the Pernambuco Traffic Department (Detran-PE), through the electronic address

Who can apply to obtain the Rural PE CNH?

  • To be resident of Pernambuco;
  • Integrate the National Family Farming Registry (CAF);
  • Have a Declaration of Aptitude for Pronaf (DAP);
  • To be member of a Family Agricultural Production Unit;

Also according to Detran – PE, other requirements refer to the categories of the RURAL CNH and can be found by accessing the agency’s website.

How many phases will there be in registering for the RURAL PE CNH?

What are the tiebreaker criteria if it occurs?

  • Women farmers;
  • Greater number of dependents;
  • Lower family income;
  • Older candidate;

Detran-PE will publish on its website the list of selected candidates and the deadline for attendance and validation of the registration.

What benefits will the candidate have with CNH Rural PE?

  • A First Qualification in categories A (motorcycle) or B (car);

  • Category additionwhen you already have category A (motorcycle) or B (car) add the other to your driver’s license;

  • Category changewhen you already have category B, you are qualified to drive cargo transport vehicles in category C and passenger transport vehicles in category D;

  • All costs related to obtaining a driver’s license, including fees, exams and teaching materials, are covered by the program;

    What fees are exempt from the CNH RURAL PE program?

  • Clinical-medical examinations of physical and mental fitness;

  • Psychological examination;

  • Document dispatch;

  • Theoretical-technical course;

  • Practical driving course (including rental value of vehicles for classes);

  • Learning and driving license;

  • Theoretical and practical exams;

  • Costs of creating the first driver’s license or, in case of moving, to category C, D and E;

Until when can I register for the RURAL PE CNH?

The selection for the program PE RURAL CNH will be valid until December 31, 2026 or when all 20 thousand vacancies are occupied, whichever comes first.

The end result of registered candidates, selected and classified will be available via individualized consultation, exclusively in electronic form, on the Detran – PE service portal, on a date and time to be announced.

All informationincluding the list of approvedwill be published exclusively on the website official from Detran – PE, through the Services Portal. It is recommended to confirm news only through the Detran Portal to avoid possible scams or false information on social networks, especially on WhatsApp.

The dates of registration and dissemination stages of the selected lists are disclosed later, through a specific publication in the site from Detran – PE and on the Federal Government website.

The program registration period RURAL CNH or SOCIAL CNH is always published on the website from Detran – PE, as well as on social networks and also in local media outlets, such as radio and TV.

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