70% of homicide victims in PI committed some crime



The Secretary of Public Security of Piauí, Chico Lucas, said in an interview with TV Cidade Verde on Monday night (1st) that more than 70% of the people who were killed in homicide crimes in Piauí in March were involved with some crime. According to the manager, most of them were involved in criminal organizations and involved in crimes such as theft, trafficking and homicide.

“Unfortunately we have an issue here in Piauí which is deaths resulting from criminal organizations, mainly due to drug trafficking. We will present this number on Wednesday, but I will tell you that most homicide victims have already been arrested. He is already, in some way, involved in crime. In this month of March, I tell you, we are closing the number, but more than 70% of people died or committed a crime of theft, trafficking or homicide”, he said.
The secretary also mentioned that there needs to be integration with the Judiciary and the Public Ministry so that people arrested involved in crimes related to criminal organizations remain in prison.

Photo: Débora Cardoso / Cidadeverde.com

“We have to, of course, combat violent crimes, but we have to focus on disrupting these criminal organizations, mainly with the support of the Judiciary and the Public Ministry, keeping these people incarcerated. I even sometimes make this comment to the Public Defender’s Office, to the OAB, I say: ‘look, it’s better to leave this person in prison and alive than sometimes to let him go and die’. Because they are in a violent environment, they compete for space, so when the police arrest them, what we are asking is for the incarceration to be maintained”, he said.

For Chico Lucas, the Court of Justice is an important partner in public security in Piauí and the main challenge is due to the large number of people arrested.

“The biggest partner in public security is the Court of Justice. (…) [o desembargado Hilo de Almeida] is creating the Robbery and Theft Court, the Criminal Organization Court, created the Inquiry Centers. Only last year, our Secretary of Justice spoke about his challenge, which has increased the number of people in prison by more than 1,500. Of course, we are not defending mass incarceration, we want to incarcerate people who commit crimes, hold them accountable, and serve their sentences. The law cannot be made just to benefit, it has to hold those who commit a crime accountable”, he pointed out.

Photo: Débora Cardoso / Cidadeverde.com


Source: Green City (Roberto Araujo)

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