Oil leak in Foz do Amazonas could reach neighboring countries


With support from Greenpeace, researchers from the Institute of Scientific and Technological Research of the State of Amapá (IEPA) embarked on a 21-day scientific expedition in Foz do Amazonas to better understand the dynamics of coastal waters and map possible impacts of oil exploration in the region .

It is in this basin, in Amapá, that the so-called block FZA-M-59 (or block 59) is located, where there is interest from the state-owned Petrobras. After observing the movement of seven oceanographic equipment that emit location signals, the study indicates that in the event of an oil spill accident at the site, the oil could spread to French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana.

For Greenpeace, the results worry and threaten the Amazon mangroves, which form the largest ecosystem belt in the world. Furthermore, an oil spill that crosses the country’s borders could pose a diplomatic problem.

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Report – Alice Martins Morais
Images – Matheus Melo and Greenpeace Brasil
Video editing: Paulo Guardado
Editing and review ((o))eco: Daniele Bragança

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