Events in GO, MT, MS and SP signal the proximity of the high livestock cycle

Events in GO, MT, MS and SP signal the proximity of the high livestock cycle
Events in GO, MT, MS and SP signal the proximity of the high livestock cycle

Since 2022, the slaughter of female cattle has increased month by month, recording historic growth of almost 27% last year, according to IBGE data. As a result, cattle prices remain under pressure in Brazil, but without the volatility seen in 2023.

According to analyst Hyberville Neto, from the consultancy HN AGRO, several indicators show a new horizon for the sector. “Although the slaughter of females remains steady, with a large supply of meat, we see the prices of live cattle decreasing, but not plummeting. If the market turnaround does not happen in the second half of the year, it is likely to happen in 2025”, predicts the analyst, who was invited by MFG Agropecuária to a free cycle of lectures in the states of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goiás and São Paul.

Another good news is the firmness of exports. In 2023, 2 million tons of meat were shipped in nature. December surprised by breaking a historical record of 208 thousand tons and new countries appear competing with China for the national product. “Mexico is buying more. Last year, the country imported 5 thousand tons, an amount that has already risen to 7 thousand tons in just the first two months of 2024”, informs the analyst.

This is a promising scenario because another big player world beef market – the United States – has reduced supply and has “saltier” prices for the product. “In Brazil, domestic consumption is also absorbing the surplus meat generated by the slaughter of sows relatively well”, recalls the expert.

Confinement will be important

“Confinement, today, can be an important way for livestock farmers to free up pasture for younger categories on the farm”, assesses Neto. This strategy would allow storing a greater volume of calves, which are cheaper to maintain, with a view to the expected recovery in prices next year or, at the latest, 2026.

At the moment, calves remain at competitive prices, an opportunity that is disappearing as a new turn in the livestock cycle approaches. “At MFG, there is the possibility of contracting partnerships to finish the animal in one of our six units spread across the states of São Paulo, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul and Goiás”, informs Vanderlei Finger, general manager of Cattle Purchasing.

Among other benefits that the general manager will present in the lecture series, the rancher receives 200 km of free shipping to send the animals to the confinement, accesses sanitary and traceability protocols at no extra cost and can even offer their animals to beef programs that pay bonuses for carcass quality or even export to Europe.

Additive genetics

Also during the events, professor José Luiz Moraes Vasconcelos, affectionately called Zequinha, will draw the attention of those present to the importance of using Fixed-Time Artificial Insemination (IATF) in the reproduction of the herd. “The IATF allows more cows to give birth early and these calves have better genetics, which, in the future, will generate a greater economic return, as the animals will perform better within the confinement, with lower production costs per kilo of meat produced. ”, explains the teacher.

Calendar and locations of the MFG Agropecuária lecture series

MFG Goiânia Regional Event 02/04 Goiânia GO
MFG Mineiros Regional Event 04/04 Miners GO
Parecis Super Agro 09 to 12/04 New field MT
MFG Cuiabá Regional Event 04/30 Cuiabá MT
MFG Tangará Regional Event 02/05 Tangará da Serra MT
Confine 14 and 15/05 Large field MS
Acricut 16 and 17/05 Cuiabá MT
MFG Campo Grande Regional Event 05/27 Large field MS
MFG Prudente Regional Event 05/28 President Prudente SP
  • Free registrations can be made via the channel’s WhatsApp “Hello Cattleman”: (65) 2193-8765

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