Senac opens registration for improvement course in cutting and sewing

Senac opens registration for improvement course in cutting and sewing
Senac opens registration for improvement course in cutting and sewing

The Senac Sergipe Aracaju unit is open for registration for the Improvement in Cutting, Sewing and Modeling course. Lasting 84 hours, classes are scheduled to start on April 1st, in the morning, from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 12pm.

According to instructor Leodilene da Silva Santana, the course is a complement for those who want to improve their sewing.

“It’s a course for those who already sew, in which we will be teaching finishing sewing techniques, modeling which is a great difficulty for those who sew and the students will learn how to make the pattern, interpret and make the models”, he explains.

Furthermore, as Leodilene adds, other points for those looking to make quality and refined pieces will be seen during the improvement.

“We will also work on the issue of transferring darts, which is another obstacle that some seamstresses have, bustier patterns and pieces that are more fitted to the body and some finishes that will give better quality to the product. It’s a course for people who already sew, who are not beginners, but who still have some obstacles that make it difficult to make a good finished piece”, highlighted the instructor.

Creation and skills

Taking a training course in cutting, sewing and modeling offers several advantages, from developing technical skills to expanding professional opportunities and the personal satisfaction of creating your own clothing items.

By mastering modeling techniques, a person can create custom-made clothing that perfectly fits the customer’s body. This is especially valuable in the fashion market, where personalization is highly valued.

Mastering the technique can encourage entrepreneurship, stimulating creativity or even sustainability, with the reuse of old pieces to make new ones. Furthermore, it can also represent a domestic economy, in the production of pieces for personal use or for the family.

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