Intensive Medicine has growth potential in Amazonas

Intensive Medicine has growth potential in Amazonas
Intensive Medicine has growth potential in Amazonas
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The State has only 63 professionals in this specialty

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Manaus (AM) — Intensive Medicine is an area with great potential for growth in Amazonas. The state has only 63 professionals in this specialty, according to data from the study “Medical Demography in Brazil 2023”, carried out by the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (USP).

According to the study, the North region has the lowest percentage of intensive care physicians — 3.1%. The majority are in the Southeast region (54.8%), followed by the South (19.1%), Northeast (14.7%) and Central-West (8.3%). Another highlight of the study is that intensive care doctors are concentrated in the country’s capitals (60.9%). The interior accounts for 32.5% and the metropolitan regions account for 6.6%.

According to the national coordinator of the Intensive Medicine course at Afya Medical Education, Bruno Franco Mazza, after the pandemic there was a great appreciation in the market for intensive care doctors, demonstrating the growth potential for the specialty.

“Those doctors who are interested in the management of critically ill patients, physiological changes in different systems and the use of complex devices for organic support will certainly be enchanted by the specialty. Furthermore, those looking for a first or second specialization may find this area an opportunity for career growth,”


In Manaus, Afya Medical Education has open enrollment for the postgraduate course in Intensive Care Medicine. Interested parties, he said, can contact the website or by calling (92) 99249-2960.

According to the doctor, due to the complexity of work in Intensive Care Units (ICUs), the specialty requires professionals to have technical knowledge and skills to deal with different conditions.

“In addition, the ability to make quick decisions is necessary, since the patient’s clinical condition is very dynamic and can change quickly. The doctor is part of the multidisciplinary team that works in the ICU, a group that is essential for the best patient outcomes”,

explains Bruno Mazza.

According to the director of Afya Medical Education in Manaus, Suelen Falcão, during postgraduate studies, the student receives adequate training to deal with different situations encountered in patients admitted to ICUs. At Afya, the course is offered in hybrid mode, with theoretical classes online and practical classes carried out in person, at the unit, located at Avenida André Araújo, 2767, Aleixo.

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