PB Transplant Center registers 4th heart donation of 2024

PB Transplant Center registers 4th heart donation of 2024
PB Transplant Center registers 4th heart donation of 2024

The Paraíba Transplant Center recorded, this Sunday (31), the sixth donation of organs and tissues in the month of March, which gives an average of one donation every five days.

The procedure also marked the fourth heart donation of the year in Paraíba. With the gesture, four more people from Paraíba leave the waiting list.

The donor patient was a 20-year-old young man, who was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Dom Luiz Gonzaga Fernandes Emergency and Trauma Hospital, in Campina Grande, a unit that is part of the State Government’s hospital network.

He was the victim of a cerebral hemorrhage as a result of a motorcycle accident.

With the identification of the absence of blood flow in the brain, confirmed through clinical and imaging exams, the medical team detected the patient’s brain death.

After the family’s permission, the heart, liver and corneas were donated.

The heart was sent to the Hospital Metropolitano de Santa Rita, also belonging to the Paraíba Government hospital network, where the recipient of the organ, a 36-year-old woman, was found there.

With the initiative, only four people remain on the waiting list for a heart in the state.

In March, two donations were registered on the SUS network, the first of which benefited a 32-year-old man, on the 15th.

The liver was destined for a 40-year-old man, who had organ failure and needed a transplant to have a better quality of life.

The corneas were sent to Banco de Olhos da Paraíba, where they are evaluated and, subsequently, will help transform two more lives.

The director of the Transplant Center, Rafaela Dias, highlighted the work of the Central team to achieve the result and the generosity of the donor family.

“It is with immense gratitude that I express my deep appreciation to the family of the 20-year-old young man who, in a moment of great pain, found the strength to authorize the donation of organs and tissues. Thanks to this gesture of love, hope was restored for a 36-year-old woman, who now has a new heart beating in her chest, and for a 40-year-old man, who received a new liver to continue his journey. Furthermore, the donated corneas will bring vision back to two different people, illuminating their paths with the light of hope and opportunity,” he emphasizes.

According to the statistics sector of the Paraíba Transplant Center, in 2024 the state recorded 71 transplants, 55 corneas, three heart, seven liver and six kidney. There are still 559 people on the waiting list.

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