Autism Week has been part of the State’s events calendar since 2016

During the month, the ‘April Azul’ campaign also takes place, which raises awareness about autism and gives visibility to ASD. – Photos: Eduardo Andrade | Marley Lima

From the 1st to the 7th of April, annually, Autism Week is celebrated in Roraima, established by Law No. 1,067/2016, authored by deputy Jorge Everton (Union). During this period, the State must promote awareness actions aimed at clarifying the condition, among others.

The number of children and even adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has steadily increased in recent years. For this reason, it is necessary to demystify some doubts that the population has regarding the topic.

Deputy Jorge Everton

“The occurrence is higher among males, almost five times more. In Brazil, it is estimated that there are more than two million people with autism – data from 2016. The cause is still unknown, only the treatment. The only global consensus is that the sooner it is treated, the greater the chances of a better quality of life”, highlights an excerpt from the justification of the PL that gave rise to the law.

The head of the Legislature, deputy Soldado Sampaio (Republicans), highlighted that the role of parliament is to set guidelines, as well as approve rules that meet society’s desires.

“There were several laws approved in this sense, here in this Legislative House, from the one that establishes the syndrome awareness day to the one that determines the inclusion of the autism symbol on priority service signs. As citizens and parliamentarians, we understand that inclusion and respect, not only for this class but for any other special class, deserve a different look”, said Sampaio.

President of ALE-RR, Soldado Sampaio

In addition to autism week, people with ASD gained several other rights and guarantees, through laws approved in plenary. Check it out below:

Law No. 823/2011 – establishes April 15th as Autism Awareness Day – authored by the Executive Branch;

Law No. 985/2014 – prohibits the charging of additional amounts or surcharges for registration or monthly fees for students with Down Syndrome, autism, pervasive developmental disorder or other syndromes, in public or private educational institutions – authored by the Executive Branch;

Law No. 1,103/2016 – provides for the awareness program and requires the inclusion and reservation of places in the public and private education network in Roraima for children and adolescents with ASD – authored by deputy Marcelo Cabral (Citizenship);

Law No. 1,186/2017 – establishes the State Policy for the Protection of the Rights of People with ASD – by former deputy Mecias de Jesus;

More than a dozen rules approved by the Legislative Assembly of Roraima benefit people with ASD

Law No. 1,288/2018 – provides for home vaccination of elderly people, those with motor disabilities, profound multi-disabilities with limited mobility, disabling and degenerative diseases, Down Syndrome and autism – by deputy Jorge Everton (Union);

Law No. 1,306/2019 – authorizes the Executive Branch to establish the autistic identification card in Roraima – by deputy Jorge Everton (Union);

Law No. 1,363/2019 – provides for the use of music therapy as a complementary therapeutic treatment for people with disabilities, syndromes and/or ASD – by former deputy Yonny Pedroso;

Law No. 1,552/2021 – establishes the Autism Inclusion Census program – by former deputy Betânia Almeida;

Law No. 1,547/2021 – provides for the duty to insert the global symbol of ASD awareness on priority service signs in Roraima – by former deputy Yonny Pedroso;

Law No. 1,579/2021 – creates the policy of early diagnosis and multidisciplinary care for people with ASD in Roraima – by former deputy Evangelista Siqueira;

Law No. 1,681/2022 – provides for the adoption of the “ABA” school inclusion system for children with autism in schools in Roraima – by former deputy Nilton Sindpol;

Law No. 1,707/2022 – provides for the creation of the “Autistic-Friendly Company” seal, aimed at business establishments that adopt an internal policy for the inclusion of people with ASD in the job market – by deputy Neto Loureiro (PMB);

Law No. 1,717/2022 – provides for the prohibition of charging additional amounts (surcharge for registration or monthly fees for students with Down Syndrome, autism, pervasive developmental disorder or other syndromes) – by deputy Aurelina Medeiros (Progressives);

Law No. 1,806/2023 – prohibits health plans from limiting consultations and sessions of physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and psychotherapy in the treatment of people with ASD – by deputy Angela Águida Portella (Progressistas);

Law No. 1,831/2023 – amends Law No. 1,186 of May 30, 2017, which establishes the State Policy for the Protection of the Rights of ASD Persons, to include as permanent the nature of the report that diagnoses the condition – authored by deputies Aurelina Medeiros , Éder Lourinho and Neto Loureiro;

Law No. 1,944/2024 – provides for the creation of a sensory integration room for people with ASD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other behavioral disorders – by deputy Isamar Júnior (Podemos);

Law No. 1,948/2024 – establishes the state prenatal and postpartum monitoring program in the case of pregnant women with ASD – by deputy Aurelina Medeiros (Progressistas).

The campaign

In 2007, the United Nations (UN) chose April 2nd to celebrate global awareness of autism, and the color blue because it is more prevalent in male children. The month aims to promote knowledge of the condition, needs and rights of autistic people.

ASD is a neurological development disorder and has difficulties in communication and social interaction as its most common and well-known characteristics, in addition to being diagnosed in the first three years of a child’s life.

Suzanne Oliveira

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