Public Ministry denounces mayor of MG for fraud in municipal competition

Public Ministry denounces mayor of MG for fraud in municipal competition
Public Ministry denounces mayor of MG for fraud in municipal competition

Public tender was canceled after allegations of fraud | Photo: EBC/Disclosure

The mayor of Piedade do Caratinga, a city in Vale do Rio Doce, was denounced by the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais (MPMG) on suspicion of benefiting a company in the bidding process and selling the template for a public competition for city hall positions. Seven other people, including the municipality’s former legal attorney, were also charged.

The complaint filed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Actions of Original Criminal Jurisdiction (PCO) accuses Mayor Adolfo Bento Neto of passive corruption, fraud in public tenders, illegal dismissal from bidding and receiving an undue advantage.

According to the MP’s investigation, there was fraud in a bidding process that aimed to hire a company to carry out a public tender for city hall. The complaint states that the contracted amount, R$127 thousand, was higher than the price that should be paid for the service, resulting in losses to public coffers.

Template sale

The Public Prosecutor’s Office also accuses the mayor and seven other people of having received undue advantages to guarantee approval in the public examination tests held. The complaint states that the mayor had received R$1,500 for a person to be approved in the contest, and that the municipality’s former legal attorney had requested up to R$20,000 to provide confidential content to candidates.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office also highlights that three people had paid R$10,000 for the test answer sheet and answered 49 questions out of 50 correctly, only getting question number 15 wrong. Two of them signed an agreement with the MP and confessed to the crime, according to the agency . The contest was annulled following the accusations.

The report from the THE TIME contacted the city hall of Piedade de Caratinga and representatives of the mayor, but did not receive a response until the closing of this article.

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