Jair Farias proposes PL that establishes state policy to encourage reading in Tocantins


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In the last session of the Tocantins Legislative Assembly, state deputy Jair Farias (UB) presented a bill that aims to establish the State Reading Incentive Policy.

This initiative’s main objective is to ensure that the Government promotes reader training in public and private spaces, aiming to develop the pleasure of reading in all age groups, from children to adults.

The importance of reading as an essential tool for expanding knowledge, stimulating imagination, improving communication and critical thinking, as well as providing moments of relaxation and entertainment, is highlighted as the central foundation of this project.

Among the objectives of the State Reading Incentive Policy, the following stand out: Encouraging the habit of reading from childhood to adulthood; Provide reading spaces, created based on this law, with a quality collection, constantly updated and expanded; Implement an initial and ongoing training plan for educators to mediate reading with the public in spaces dedicated to reading; Promote the importance of reading through educational campaigns, broadcast in different printed and electronic media, as well as through events, literary competitions and other similar initiatives.

If approved, this bill could represent an important milestone in encouraging reading and access to information in the state of Tocantins, contributing significantly to the cultural and educational development of its population.

Source – Ascom Jair Farias

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