DF has 332 job openings, with salaries of up to R$7,000. See list

DF has 332 job openings, with salaries of up to R$7,000. See list
DF has 332 job openings, with salaries of up to R$7,000. See list

The Federal District has 332 job vacancies available this Monday (1/3), with salaries of up to R$7,000, plus benefits. Among the opportunities with the most vacancies is the role of sales operator, with 18 opportunities in Taguatinga Norte and a salary of R$1,510. To apply, you must have experience in the role and complete high school.

Among the main opportunities are also waiter in Asa Sul, with 15 vacancies, and confectioner, hat maker, kitchen assistant and cafeteria attendant, all with 15 vacancies each, in Guará.

The position with the highest salary is supervisor of maintenance and repair of light vehicles, in Recanto das Emas, with a salary of R$7,000 plus benefits.

How to apply

Interested parties can register their CV on the Sine Fácil app or go to one of the 14 Workers’ agencies in the Federal District, from 8am to 5pm, during the week.

Even if none of the chances of the day are attractive to the candidate, registration is valid for future opportunities, as the system cross-references competitors’ data with the profile sought by companies.

Employers who wish to offer vacancies or use agency space for interviews can register in person at their respective service units or via the Sine Fácil app.

It is also possible to get in touch by email at [email protected] or via the Employer Channel, on the website of the Secretariat of Economic Development, Labor and Income (Sedet).

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