it’s free? See how to request!

it’s free? See how to request!
it’s free? See how to request!
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The new model of National Identity Card (CIN), a digital identification document that replaces the General Registry (RG), begins to be issued throughout the country. Holy Spirit starting this Monday (1st).

The new identity began to be issued in January, but only for people who were going to issue the first copy of the document and who had no pending issues with the Federal Revenue Service.

The old identity, however, will continue to be valid until February 2032. In other words, whoever has the old document does not need to rush to change it.

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According to the Scientific Police of Espírito Santo, this is a model proposed by the Federal Government for the unification of civil identification databases.

Until now, each State has its own numbering and system. From this new model, all state databases must be integrated into the Federal Revenue system and the Gov.Br platform, so that the ID number will be the same as the citizen’s CPF number.

Will the new identity card be paid for?

The document can be issued both on paper, free of charge, and digitally using the wallet. The digital wallet is released after printing the paper wallet.

Furthermore, renewals required by law are also free. The polycarbonate card option should be available from next year and will be paid for.

New identities have the following validity periods for renewal:

0-11 years: every 5 years
12-59 years: every 10 years
From 60 years old: indefinite validity

Find out how to issue a new identity

Citizens must schedule an appointment, online, at one of the 13 stations available on or at other stations in the interior of the state, in person.

At the time of service, biographical data, fingerprints and photos are collected. Delivery time is approximately 30 days.

The following documents are requested:

Birth or marriage certificate, depending on marital status;
Proof of address;
Proof of payment of the fee (if it is not an exemption).

Other documents can be inserted in the digital version, such as:

Voter registration card;
driver’s license;

The address of the issuing points can be found on the Civil Police website.

New identity: check out what changes

The new document will no longer have the General Registry (RG), only the Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF), valid for the entire country. The document is available in physical and digital formats, the physical version is printed on paper money.

The new identity card will follow a unified standard for all States and the Federal District. It will have the CPF number as a general, unique and valid registration throughout the country. The change eliminates the need for citizens to have a specific ID number for each state.

The CIN will have a QR code that allows checking its occurrences, facilitating the identification of loss or theft.

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